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a transparent dome on top of an airplane where the navigator can make celestial observations

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Eckels recently received national acclaim for helping coordinate the transformation of Reliant Astrodome and other county facilities into comfortable, welcoming shelters for those fleeing the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.
Since Hurricane Katrina, ARAMARK has operated relief efforts in more than 20 locations nationwide, including the Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Arena, Reliant Center, and George R.
Hay caballos trotando por las calles, luces de carnaval frente al Reliant Astrodome y musica country por todos lados.
Since evacuees began arriving in Houston from the Gulf Coast areas devastated by Hurricane Katrina, ARAMARK has served more than 635,000 meals to as many as 26,000 evacuees seeking shelter at Reliant Park, which includes the Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Arena and Reliant Center, and George R.
Reliant Center convention facility, the 70,000-seat Reliant Stadium (home of the Houston Texans and site of Super Bowl XXXVIII), the 8,000-seat Reliant Arena and the Reliant Astrodome.
El campo del Reliant Park abarca el Reliant Center, que se inauguro este 12 de abril con el "Auto Show", el estadio, todavia en construccion, el Reliant Astrodome, Reliant Arena y Reliant Hall.
The contract expands ARAMARK's partnership with the Harris County Sports & Convention Corporation (HCSCC) and RODEOHOUSTON, for whom ARAMARK has provided food and retail services at Reliant Astrodome and Reliant Arena since 2000.
La exposicion es en el Reliant Center, edificacion nueva en la zona norte del Reliant Astrodome, que tiene una extension de 706 mil pies cuadrados.
In 2001, WrestleMania(R) X-Seven in Houston's Reliant Astrodome broke the attendance record in that building with 67,925 fans.
Los que asistieron al Reliant Astrodome recuerdan de ese dia que hubo mas que musica.
Ahi, en el Reliant Astrodome, se reune todo tipo de gente que conforma lo que se llama en sociologia "momento multicultural" porque no solo participan los anglosajones sino los inmigrantes, quienes buscan acercarse a una parte de la historia de una nacion como Estados Unidos.
WrestleMania X-Seven will be broadcast live from the Reliant Astrodome in Houston via pay-per-view and satellite technologies on Sunday, April 1, 2001, at 8:00 p.