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the ratio of the amount of water in the air at a give temperature to the maximum amount it could hold at that temperature

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The different equilibrium moisture contents for the various combinations of temperature and relative air humidity were thus assessed.
5cm), containing 40mL of distilled water, resulting in an internal relative air humidity of approximately 100%.
12 displays a comparison of the maps of relative air humidity in horizontal and vertical planes.
Simultaneously with the horse's vital parameters we recorded also the ambient temperature, relative air humidity and air pressure from the local meteorological station.
3]/h), relative air humidity (percents), air temperature (C), air velocity (m/s), surface area to volume ratio (1/m), noise isolation (dB) and annual heat requirement (kWh/m2/year).
The variables excluded from both hillsides were: average atmospheric temperature, number of morphotype of plants from 50 cm to one metre in height and minimum relative air humidity.
Correlation of coefficients of carbon dioxide emission between ambient air temperature and relative air humidity Carbon dioxide emissions, Air temperature, C[degrees] g C[O.
Air humidity (part of enthalpy, see Part 1) can be assessed by two quantities: relative air humidity and humidity ratio.
The company's mechanical hygrostat is designed to control the relative air humidity inside enclosures.
The dominant influence on creep comes from the relative air humidity, i.
p] which is not dependent on relative air humidity in pores of the material and this assumption was also applied here.
Up to a relative air humidity of 60 percent, moisture and corrosion remain low.
The sensor, having just a few millimeters in size, measures the relative air humidity and temperature and supplies the highest measurement precision.
The aeration depends on the temperature and grain moisture content, as well as temperature and relative air humidity of the external environment.