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bring back into existence

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create anew and make over

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To discover how leaders can start reinvention, Bolton offers a free report with customized feedback.
He is also a thought leader and top-rated keynote speaker on innovation, creativity, and reinvention.
Robin's unique, purposeful and passionate approach to healthy lifestyle reinvention will be the cornerstone for this new collection and will be reflected in all design elements," said Tom Moleski, Arc International's director of marketing development.
Each time a major change in our life occurs, a sort of reinvention happens within us.
Identifying these special strengths is the first, most important key to your reinvention.
Since Reinvention was launched in 2010, City Colleges, which includes seven colleges--Richard J.
The Strategic Reinvention Award is given to a management team that has been faced with a significant challenge to its company and has successfully transformed the business to meet and overcome that challenge.
REINVENTION POTENTIAL Jazz up a plain old tee and instantly transform from day to night with an embellished bling bib necklace.
REINVENTION POTENTIAL: Jazz up a plain old tee and transform from day to night with an embellished bling bib necklace.
Such emotional responses to unexpected change are normal, says Pamela Mitchell, founder and CEO of the Reinvention Institute (www.
The Reinvention of Religious Music: Oliver Messiaen's Breakthrough Toward the Beyond" is a scholarly study of religious music with a close focus on the work of Oliver Messiaen, and what it has meant to religious music as a whole.
REINVENTION: HOW TO MAKE THE REST OF YOUR LIFE THE BEST OF YOUR LIFE is a powerful key to job fulfillment and reinvention overall and comes from a 'success expert' with an international reputation.
Modern Classics, Dominators, New Heroes, Wallpaper, Icons, Nadir and Reinvention are our brand planets.
Your opportunity for reinvention begins with generating innovative ideas and developing strategies for the future.