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the systematic application of remedies to effect a cure

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The rehabilitation department will add larger treatment bays and provide facilities that allow for adding new cardiac rehabilitation treatment.
Wafa Hamad, Manager of Special Needs Care and Rehabilitation Department at the Social Ministry, on Sunday said they have concluded an agreement with the UAE Central Bank to provide special needs people with all suitable bank services and facilities.
BAGHDAD/ Aswat al-Iraq: Iraqi Rehabilitation Department announced that 319 convicts in March last for terminating their terms.
In 1804 the world population was just one billion, that grew to over 7 billion in 2012, Dr Vernon Lin, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio, USA, said.
Twenty-four full-time physical therapists (PTs) practice in the inpatient Rehabilitation Department.
Notes Pick, "For example, when CMS changed the rehabilitation RUGs for 2012 to move away from fully paid group approaches to reward concurrent and individual therapy, it became incumbent on the rehabilitation department to reevaluate their processes, systems and treatment plans, using historical data.
The hospital consists of 175 beds, in-patient facilities including a dedicated 30-bed ICU, eight operating theatres, emergency department, rehabilitation department and a teaching centre.
He was then employed by the Sacred Heart Hospital, Kumbakonam, Tamil Nadu where he started a Rehabilitation Department - the first of its kind in the State.
While the practice can offer health benefits and a sense of well-being, people practicing hot yoga, especially beginners, should take certain precautions, according to Diana Zotos, a certified yoga instructor and physical therapist in the Rehabilitation Department at Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan.
In 2007, the hospital remodeled and expanded its cardiac rehabilitation department, almost doubling the exercise area to more than 2,500 square feet.
A source from Atta's office stated to NINA "The Committee held a meeting, involves Atta, the Spokesman of Supreme Judicial Council, Abdul Sattar al-Berqdar, the Representative of the Armed Forces Commander, Brigadier General Ali Hameed, as well as the Head of Rehabilitation Department Brigadier General, Jawad Kadhum, at PM Maliki's office on Wednesday.
Kubica's Renault team have confirmed the Pole is to be transferred to the rehabilitation department where he is expected to remain for at least another two weeks.
AN MP has praised the "community feeling" given to patients at the cardiac rehabilitation department at the Hospital of St Cross in Rugby.
During the visit al Ma'wali was acquainted with the mechanism of work and the types of programmes rendered by the Disabled Welfare and Rehabilitation Center, such as, vocational qualification programmes that are being supervised by the Vocational Rehabilitation Department, in addition to reviewing the educational programme that aims at eradicating illiteracy of the illiterate members and the social, psychological and health welfare services.
Head of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Department at the Ministry Asaad al-Saad said since the beginning of preparations, the Ministry has conducted detailed checks for all the Syrian athletes participating in the Special Olympics and supplied the training camps with fully equipped ambulances, adding the final stage of preparations will include performing checks for all the participants to testify their physical fitness and ability to go for the competition.
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