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grow anew or continue growth after an injury or interruption

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Treatment with AXER-204 resulted in significant regrowth of nerve fibres and increased functionality -- including axonal regeneration, axonal sprouting and synaptic plasticity -- even many months after injury or damage, with no toxicological findings.
At the end of the regimen, 64% of patients showed improvement and 32% showed 50% or greater hair regrowth. The drug was well tolerated with only grade 1 and 2 adverse effects being observed.
With topical anthralin, 12 (32%) of patients had complete scalp regrowth, 25 (68%) experienced at least 50% regrowth, and 5 (14%) had no response; in 5 patients, no follow-up information was available.
The new 3M antimicrobial PIV dressings integrate CHG transparently throughout the adhesive to suppress normal skin flora regrowth on prepped skin for up to seven days, better than non-antimicrobial dressings.
Chemical destruction, through herbicides, is an option to control stalk regrowth (Yang et al., 2011) and, besides having higher operational efficiency, it does not compromise the NTS.
Results: Patients showed statistically significant hair regrowth and decrease in the SALT score from baseline at the end of 12 weeks.
This study uses DISE as the main diagnostic tool to determine the incidence of adenoid regrowth at our institution and identify risk factors associated with recurrent symptoms leading to revision adenoidectomy.
We evaluated hair regrowth using changes in SALT (Severity of Alopecia Tool) scores, which is a validated tool that quantities percent scalp hair loss (11).
The regrowth yield and nutritive value at each harvest are crucial determinants for the productivity of sward.
Round Rock, TX, July 17, 2016 --( Now Re-grow Your Lost and Damaged Hair with Hairline/Edges Regrowth Butter from Nor-AHS
Ultra-specialized and hair regrowth devices entering the European market in 2015, supported by new apps that educate consumers on product usage, have propelled the perennially vibrant at-home beauty devices market by 18%, finds the recently published European volume from Kline's Beauty Devices: Global Market Analysis and Opportunities report series.
We investigated relationships between protein expression and gender, age, tumor grade, and recurrence or regrowth to better define the factors that contribute to meningioma tumorigenesis, aggressiveness, and recurrence.
I do not, however, agree with the insensitive comment in which you referred to the nurse's hair style as the "pink hair and regrowth".
Regarding its management, recent studies that used the critical leaf area index (LAI) as the maximum threshold for interruption of regrowth suggested that the leaf production is optimal at heights of approximately 85cm for the 'Napier' (PEREIRA et al., 2014) and 100cm for the 'Cameroon' (VOLTOLINI et al., 2010) cultivars, respectively.