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Synonyms for regnant

most generally existing or encountered at a given time

Synonyms for regnant

exercising power or authority

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4 Relapsing pattern of biliar y pancreatitis and cholangitis occurs duringp regnancy,5 and the disease should be managed as in a non-pregnanc y state.
The effectiveness of the Creighton Method of achieving pregnancy is high, and its effectiveness in avoiding regnancy is as good as that of oral contraceptives and better than any other drug or device on the market.
On the contrary, it was a regnancy for which he had striven and schemed for a considerable period.
A thin slice of time sandwiched roughly between the Victorians and the Georgians, corresponding, those first ten years of the twentieth century, in near-neat chronology with the 1901-1910 regnancy of Edward VII, it was the freest of times, it was the most stifling of times.