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German mathematician and astronomer (1436-1476)

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In Table 2, the precision of Wabkanawi's calculations, about 7 arcminutes, based on his tables, before the eclipse is comparable to others made during the medieval period and the measurements made by Regiomontanus (d.
In 1462 in Rome, German astronomer Regiomontanus gave his patron Cardinal Bessarion an astrolabe with an engraving and epigram holding a complex of secret messages.
The development of mathematics in medieval Europe; the Arabs, Euclid, Regiomontanus.
Erhard Ratdolt, posiblemente discipulo de Regiomontanus, y considerado el mejor impresor de textos cientificos durante el periodo de los incunables, selecciono la version de las tablas latinas parisinas acompanada de los canones de Juan de Sajonia para realizar una editio princeps en 1483 en la ciudad de Venecia (35).
The radius astronomicus was used for astronomical observations at Nuremberg in the years 1476 to 1504 by Regiomontanus and BernhardWalter.
Sin mayor confirmacion se ha sostenido que Regiomontanus habria sido quien introdujo el uso de la ballestilla o baculo de Jose como instrumento nautico, aunque con mayor logica deberia suponerse que su aporte debio de ser el uso del cuadrante marino y del compas, y que de el los tomo Behaim.
Securis introduced Leowitz's forecast based on the works of Johan Muller of Konigsberg, also known as Regiomontanus, which predicted miraculous events for the year 1588.
Regiomontanus observed the comet from night to night and noted its position against the stars.
Our first example is from Regiomontanus, author of De Triangulis, whose real name was Johann Muller of Konigsberg (1436-1476)--an important mathematician of his time (Boyer, 1989, p.
As the work of Ibn Fallus was not widely known in Europe, these numbers were rediscovered by Regiomontanus (1461), Scheybl (1555) and Cataldi (1603).
Fired by the example of Regiomontanus (see 1472), astronomers viewed them calmly.