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an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces

join or fuse with solder

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However, after years of research in through-hole type electromechanical relays, Goodsky/ECE discovered several supreme standard plastic materials that can withstand the high, punishing temperatures of the reflow soldering process.
The patients after PCI were then divided into a reflow group (98 cases) and a no-reflow group (38 cases).
Component flatness varies depending on the temperature, and thus, component warpage varies throughout the reflow process.
The ReFlow Medical product portfolio was also recently expanded to include the Wingman18 Crossing Catheter.
Conducting reflow simulations on the connector pins showed evidence of outgassing from the plating and complete dewetting on the surface of the pins.
The reflow compatible materials are used to build the optical elements of the camera module, which are then mounted directly to a board for camera phone or other mobile device assembly.
With the RF shield on the board prior to reflow, optical inspection after the oven was not possible for a number of the parts.
Many OEMs choose the process because it can provide forward and backward compatibility with current industry standards as well as higher-temperature reflow processes.
004 inch), minimizing dry joints after solder reflow and decreasing rework and scrap.
Wickmann offers product families -- the TR5[R]SM, TE5[R]SM, Protectors and Clips for 5 mm X 20 mm fuses -- that are appropriate to be processed using through-hole reflow technology The Pin-in-Paste method, also called through-hole reflow technology has become important in recent years.
Authorities said Kevin Reflow of Canoga Park and Ara Kalfayan of Chatsworth reported last December that Reflow's car had been stolen.
The FLIX Index aims to fill a gap in regularly published industry flow data, which historically has focused on net asset flows," said Paul Schaeffer, president of ReFlow.
com)-- On May 3rd, 2017, ReFlow Medical initiated a lot-specific voluntary recall of the Wingman35 Crossing Catheters.