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an alloy (usually of lead and tin) used when melted to join two metal surfaces

join or fuse with solder

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Conducting reflow simulations on the connector pins showed evidence of outgassing from the plating and complete dewetting on the surface of the pins.
The reflow compatible materials are used to build the optical elements of the camera module, which are then mounted directly to a board for camera phone or other mobile device assembly.
Abstract: Eight reflow profiles were developed using four factors at two levels of Taguchi design of experiment for 1206, 0805 and 0603 chip resistors.
Expanding our partnership with ReFlow helps us further our commitment to helping mutual funds remain competitive in an increasingly crowded market.
Until recently, there was no real-world, production-based data on the soldering behavior of the SnCuNi alloy near the low margin of the reflow window.
Other factors that appear to influence HIP include types of reflow, reflow profiles and solder paste chemistry.
ReFlow launched its European operation in September, 2008 and has already released its first whitepaper addressing European fund trends and issues.
Comparatively, programming a similar number of profiles on a convection reflow machine may take hours.
In a reflow soldering process, the major challenges are the use of alternative, Pb-free alloys and board finishes; conversion to and use of RoHS-compliant components; and selection of appropriate laminate materials.
As part of its move into Europe, the company also announced the appointment of Simon Barnes, a European fund industry veteran, to be head of ReFlow Europe.
Size matters: Smaller PCBs subjected to reflow withstand a lower duration peak temperature cycle than do larger ones.
KIC 24/7 thermal profiler now comes standard with a feature that reportedly transforms a reflow oven to a transparent process tool.
Classification is referenced to common industry wave and reflow solder profiles including lead-free processing.
VAPOR PHASE ACHIEVES a very gentle, reliable and repeatable reflow process.