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take on a loan


  • take on a loan
  • borrow
  • remortgage

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renew the financing of

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Borrowers refinancing through the Home Affordable Refinance Program (HARP) got an even bigger break, according to Freddie Mac.
The authors find that, in December of 2010, approximately 20 percent of households that appeared unconstrained to refinance and were in a position in which refinancing would have been beneficial had failed to do so.
has made it their top priority to put California homeowners in a stronger financial position through the refinancing of their home loans.
Mortgage refinancing is on a lot of people's mind these days (including mine).
In December of 2002, Ragland took out a $300,000 adjustable-rate loan on his home, refinancing the $190,000 he owed from his initial interest-only loan.
Homeowners typically have used mortgage refinancing to pay off credit cards--something becoming increasingly difficult to do as interest rates rise, home values (in some markets) flatten, and credit lines dry up.
The amount attributable to the new refinancing loan must be paid within five years of the refinancing date.
Because of the uncertainties companies face in refinancing exempt loans, it's important to build flexibility into the terms of the new loan so the company can avoid having to refinance the loan in the near future.
The President's reasoning is sound: refinancing at the lower interest rates will reduce monthly mortgage payments and increase the amount of discretionary income in consumers' pockets.
Yet we received only thirteen complaints by consumers about various problems in refinancing loans (five related to problems in getting a pay-off amount and only three related to the adequacy of cost information), three complaints about prepayment penalties, and no specific complaints about the Rule of 78s rebate method.
HARP activity continued to offer substantial relief to borrowers refinancing in states hard hit by the housing market crisis.
Refinancing in the amount of $600,000 for two buildings, each two stories, non-elevatored buildings containing a total of sixteen Class A apartments located in Sarasota, FL
By refinancing their debt, the Jacksons have gained about $330 more a month to work with, which they are putting toward the down payment of the home they are building.