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evaluate professionally a colleague's work


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Although publishing articles in refereed journals is significant to counselor educators and their programs, the rate that counselor education faculty members publish appears to be low--less than one article in a refereed journal every 2 years (e.
He has authored more than 100 publications including refereed journal articles, book chapters, and two books.
The results of our research contributions are reflected in achievements such as publishing 150 refereed journal papers annually, offering 200 technical conference presentations each year, involving 118 undergraduate students in research in 2011 and TAMUQ inventors' participation in 12 IP disclosures," he pointed out.
It is a quarterly refereed journal specialized in administration sciences, publishing research papers, studies, summaries and reports in Arabic and English, aimed at disseminating of administrative culture and awareness among civil service workers and consolidating of administrative communication and understanding.
His publications include 44 papers in refereed journal as well as educational books and conference proceedings.
Mean scores show that, on the whole, faculty members produce the greatest number of research products in the areas of presentations, refereed journal articles, and non-refereed journal articles.
He did much for the organization; the ATEA Newsletter became the ATEA Journal and then became a refereed Journal also.
To explore what is behind the advanced American higher education system, this research compares native and foreign born faculty using four dimensions: demographics, field of specialty, achievement and institutional prestige to predict the number of refereed journal articles published by the faculty members in the four-year American universities.
As the "standard" in AACSB-accredited schools of business is a minimum of 2 peer-reviewed journal articles in 5 years, the number of refereed journal articles published during the past 5 years was used as the measure of research productivity herein.
Sara Barger the first issue of the Online Journal of Rural Nursing and Health Care was posted to the Rural Nurse Organization in 2000 as a fully refereed journal.
Summary: The Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the American University of Beirut issued a new volume of its annual publication, Al-Abhath, a refereed journal which publishes articles and reviews in the fields of Arab and Middle Eastern studies.
TERUM was established in 2006 by the Research Centre in Public Administration and Public Management from the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania, with the original intention of creating a high-quality refereed journal with a standard of intellectual rigour and academic standing.
Following the conference, participants are encouraged to submit articles based on their conference presentations for consideration for publication in a special issue of a refereed journal.
The consensus in Catholic educational circles is that the termination of both the Catholic Educational Review, published under the auspices of The Catholic University of America and the Notre Dame Journal of Education, a University of Notre Dame publication, had resulted in a void--the absence of a refereed journal in the United States that addressed itself to Catholic education at all levels.
It includes refereed journal papers by leading international researchers along with written and informal discussions on a selection of key submissions that were presented at a May 2005 symposium held at the Institute of Civil Engineers.