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perennial grass of marshy meadows and ditches having broad leaves

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Agricultural biomass such as reed canary grass, timothy hay and switchgrass was selected and acquired from agricultural farm in New Brunswick (NB).
The following plant species (showing a potential for biofuel production) will be examined: corn (Zea mays), reed canary grass, cord grasses, sorghum (Sorghum bicolor), switchgrass (Panicum virgatum), miscanthus (Miscanthus gigantheus), perennial ryegrass (Lolium multiflorum), barley (Hordeurn vulgare), wildrye (Elymus arenarius), needlegrass (Stipa tenacissima), fescue (Festuca rubra).
The south restoration plot had fewer woody plant stems than the north and had large expanses dominated by Reed Canary Grass (Fig.
RECOGNITION Dr Richard Lord, left, with his research associate Richard Green at a brownfield reed canary grass trial site near the Tees Barrage.
This pattern suggests that available vegetation along the stream edge, which was primarily reed canary grass, provided sufficient forage.
Reed canary grass, which is native to Britain, is turned into bricks and pellets.
Studies by the university's BioRe-Gen project have revealed an everyday British grass - reed canary - is just as efficient as recognised energy crops.
The Rainy River Future Development Corporation is chasing alternative energy opportunities with ongoing field trials of switch grass and reed canary to determine if area farmers can economically grow it for the pulp and paper producer
Forage grasses include Kentucky bluegrass, Canada bluegrass, orchard grass, perennial ryegrass, reed canary grass, smooth bromegrass, tall fescue, timothy, prairie grass, garrison grass, and bermudagrass.
Seven three metre biorolls - sausage-shaped coir mats planted with purple loosestrife, lesser pond sedge, reed canary grass, yellow flag iris and soft rush - were installed.
Until recently it was thought to be reed canary grass and did not receive management attention.
Catherine Heywood, CALU's biomass expert, gave a presentation on energy grasses and growers saw examples, taken from demonstration plots at Gelli Aur, of energy grass crops such as miscanthus, switch grass and reed canary grass.
"Our students and local farmers can assess the performance of willow, miscanthus and reed canary grass in Glynllifon," says Eurwyn Edwards, director of land-based provision.