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female ruff

pass a rope through

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pass through a hole or opening

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fasten by passing through a hole or around something

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REEs are vital components of most electronic products like cellular phones, computer hard drives, televisions, and even electric vehicles.
“We felt that most investors in the general public are not well aware of the critical state that the REE market is in.
Sean Parnell budgeted $498,000 for the Department of Geological and Geophysical Sciences to conduct an initial assessment of Alaska's REE potential," said Melanie Werdon, chief of DGGS Mineral Resources Section.
[6] Once Teardrop returns Ree home, Granik maintains her portrayal of Ree as Christ reborn, for Ree's friend Gail (Lauren Sweetser) cleanses her bleeding wounds with a damp cloth, cradling her as she tenderly caresses her torn, bruised flesh in a touching baptismal tableau.
But the defendant stated Mr Rees was being "aggressive" and told police from the outset: "He swung for me and I hit him once."
Rees wanted to share his experiences from the fatal car crash.
The fight has been put out for purse bids, which are due to be received by November 17, but Rees' promoter, Eddie Hearn, has announced they are in advanced talks with John Murray to be his next opponent.
Bridgend had to work overtime to keep out the hungry Drovers and limited the damage to a second Cerith Rees penalty.
Many readers are fans of cartoonists, and many cartoonists are fans of Stu Rees.
Flip Van Rijen has recently been appointed director of the Van Rees Group, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.
Rees. Final changes: Jones; A Williams, Dutton, Peacock, Holmes; Cull, Glackin; Pearman, C Southwell, Abel, Rees, Tarbuck, Munro, Whittaker, G Southwell.
"There is absolutely no dispute that the sex traffic market came with the arrival of the peacekeepers," asserts Madeleine Rees, who directs the UN Office for Human Rights in Bosnia.