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FLO Corp will offer fans of the American football team, the Washington Redskins, an opportunity to purchase the FLO Registered Traveller (RT) Card at the Redskins official store in McLean, VA from Thursday 21 August, for three days.
WASHINGTON: The NFL and football fans reacted with grief and shock at the news that Washington Redskins Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor had died on Tuesday after being shot during an apparent burglary at his Miami home.
It's all been done for you, from the highest quality redskin potatoes to the perfect accent of kickin' flavor.
Looking out of my window an hour later, I noticed two Redskin tickets visible on the dashboard.
Historian Thomas Smith points out that observers blamed Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall for the exclusion of blacks from the NFL.
His soul was a battleground between his Paleface and Redskin impulses, the Paleface determinedly conventional and bourgeois and "good," the Redskin filled with wild longings (which Podhoretz discusses with surprising candor in Ex-Friends) for sex and fame.
Add premium flair to your plate presentations with Lamb's Supreme[R] Redskin and Roasted Garlic Redskin Mashed Potatoes, delivering real "made-from-scratch" taste and texture without all the time and trouble.
The Quarterback Club host events with the Redskin Players to provide autograph and photograph opportunities for the fans, in-depth information on game day strategies, and an inside "locker room" perspective from the Redskins players who analyze each week's game in our Q&A Programs.
With two time outs left, Dallas quarterback Anthony Wright completed passes to Darrin Chiaverini and Raghib Ismail to reach the Redskin 34.
com/) Washington Redskins won't be getting a name change as some websites appeared to suggest Wednesday morning.
The Washington Redskins has entered into strategic collaboration with Inova to bring timely and relevant health and wellness information and programs to the community.
The Washington Redskins football team is planning to appeal the ruling by a federal judge who canceled the team's trademark registrations after concerns arose about its offense to Native Americans.
Summary: The Washington Redskins football team is planning to appeal the ruling by a federal judge who canceled the team’s trademark registrations after concerns arose about .
Penalties, missed field goals, two more turnovers by Mark Sanchez and an inability to keep track of former teammate DeSean Jackson when it mattered turned into a 27-24 loss to the lowly Washington Redskins on Saturday night, the Eagles' third straight defeat and one that gives Dallas two chances to clinch the NFC East.
Since we're playing Fantasy Congress, I'd go a step further and tackle the Redskins issue at the same time.