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Harjo, 69, organized the legal battle to strip Washington, D.C.'s professional football team of its federal trademark rights to the "Redskins" name.
FLO Corp will offer fans of the American football team, the Washington Redskins, an opportunity to purchase the FLO Registered Traveller (RT) Card at the Redskins official store in McLean, VA from Thursday 21 August, for three days.
It's all been done for you, from the highest quality redskin potatoes to the perfect accent of kickin' flavor.
TONY KORNHEISER, Washington Post: "How bad are the Redskins? The other day I parked my car on 15th Street.
Historian Thomas Smith points out that observers blamed Washington Redskins owner George Preston Marshall for the exclusion of blacks from the NFL.
The Redskin defense set down the Knights 1-2-3 in te second and third innings.
Add premium flair to your plate presentations with Lamb's Supreme[R] Redskin and Roasted Garlic Redskin Mashed Potatoes, delivering real "made-from-scratch" taste and texture without all the time and trouble.
To explain how, I'll cite another item in Family history, Philip Rahv's 1938 essay "Paleface and Redskin." This was an update of the old Apollonian-Dionysian distinction, applied to American literature: Walt Whitman was a Redskin, Henry James was a Paleface.
Emily Cesaretti, Baylee Cesaretti, Emma Blaum, Delaney Keiser, Mia Fesser, Alexa Cassidy, and Aubrey Jaros would all add a hit for the Lady Redskin victory and Karlie Wagner chipped in two hits.
Although Sullivan-Okaw Valley drew first blood in this battle of the "Redskins," Nokomis ended up with the victory, 31-24.
The Washington Redskins are still in the playoff hunt with two games left on the regular-season schedule.
The Washington Redskins are making it really difficult to guess what awaits them in 2018.
The transaction also marks the end of radio station ownership for an entity controlled by the man who controls the NFL's Washington Redskins.
File- Al-Ahly volleyball team CAIRO -- 30 March 2018: Al-Ahly faces Lesotho's Redskins on Friday night at 8 p.m.
Redskins is yet another word unfit for print or any use at all for that matter.