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meat that is dark in color before cooking (as beef, venison, lamb, mutton)

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At the Co-op, Palais des Anciens Cotes du Rhone Villages 2006 (pounds 2 off to pounds 4.99 until Tuesday) is a rich, spicy, earthy red blend of grenache and syrah to go with meaty pasta or redmeat roasts.
redmeat IT'S absolutely vital we hit the ground running against Fulham on Saturday.
In Minnesota, meanwhile, the coalition swamped eight legislative districts with postcards that attacked Democrats for their positions on tax cuts, welfare reform and other redmeat issues.
REDMEAT Number beef, dairy, and sheep produced in past year
Because ribose is present in relatively high amounts in redmeat, white meat and fish, and is also one of the most reactive sugars in the Maillard reaction, the Parma scientists ran products of its Maillard activity at 100|C through the Ames mutagenicity assay.
One suggestion is to make food choices in the direction of selecting more fish and poultry and making few choices from the redmeat category: beef and pork.
South Africa's Woolworths Group provisionally approved Witvlei Meat to supply redmeat following a visit to Witvlei abattoir and various producers earlier this month.