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channel into a new direction


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Although the contents of these encyclopedias are not really machine interpretable, they contain much structured knowledge, such as redirection pages, category systems, and InfoBox modules, and are excellent corpora for ontology learning.
Our work differs in the following aspects: we will fully use the information in Hudong-Baike but [26] only used part (e.g., the redirection pages are not used), and we will also use two other Chinese encyclopedias; we will discussrelations (suchassynonymy) that notincluded in [26]; in addition to use the structural information in encyclopedias, we also use some machine learning based methods to enrich the learnt ontology; the ontology we learnt is much larger, the scale of our ontology is in million level, while the one in 26] is in thousand level.
The structured information we used are article titles, article abstracts, redirection pages, disambiguation pages, category labels of articles, InfoBox modules, taxonomies, all of which are shown in Figure 1 (as the journal only accepts manuscripts in English, some examples in the paper are translated from Chinese to English), and they are also elaborated by other researchers in [29, 30].
We first mapping the structured data such as InfoBox modules and redirection pages into ontological information, and then using some machine learning based methods to extract more latent relations from the text of the three encyclopedias.
Take synonym relation for example, first, we extracted 100 pairs of synonymous words from the redirection pages of encyclopedias (in order to ensure validity, all these synonym pairs are supported by two or three of the encyclopedias); then, for each pair of synonyms, we extracted 10 different sentences that contained the two synonymous words; finally, we summarized patterns from these 1000 sentences.