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Entertainments Experience Manager Jamie Thomson, who is heading up the Recruitment Roadshow and is himself a former Redcoat, said: "It's not just about a fun seasonable job - we're hoping to find people who show real commitment and will use this as their first step towards a career in entertainment.
Since landing his first job as a teenager, the 33-year-old has strutted his stuff as a Butlins Redcoat, been an events organiser for the Whitley Bay Caravan Park and even head of entertainment for a company in America, booking acts like Gladys Knight and Smokey Robinson.
The new redcoats have come from all walks of life after answering an advert looking for people with good listening skills, a smily face and easy to approach.
The winning designs will then be produced for the Redcoats by LS, which already makes around 20,000 garments a year for 3,500 staff at the Butlins Resorts.
Actors and actresses will play the parts of Celtic warriors, Norman knights, and redcoat soldiers paying homage to reigns of earlier queens as well as the current Queen.
Photo: (color) Mel Gibson, left, becomes involved in the Revolution when his son is taken by the Redcoats in ``The Patriot,'' opening June 30.
The redcoats, aged 27 and 31, were sacked on the spot.
HUNDREDS of young people will be given the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of stars of stage and screen by becoming Butlins Redcoats.
He is joined by other future stars who began as Redcoats, including Des O'Connor, Ted Rogers and Johnny Ball.
The whole programme looked like an audition for Butlins redcoats.
Butlins boss Billy Butlin decided to hire Redcoats to keep campers happy during the first weeks at Skegness holiday camp in 1936 when he noticed families sitting around looking bored.
Department of Work and Pensions staff mingled with Redcoats and guests last October after a tip-off that many cleaners gave bogus names and National Insurance numbers.
Revamped redcoats in Butlin's holiday camps across the country have Northumberland student Barry Jordan to thank for their new look.
He commented that he liked the note, though he was not sure that the reverse quite suited our new European image, with what looked like French soldiers running away before the redcoats.