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a memorably happy or noteworthy day (from the custom of marking holy days in red on church calendars)

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On red letter days, judges of the English High Court wear their scarlet robes at sittings in the courts of law.
Rachel Elnaugh, who founded internet company Red Letter Days is the main speaker at a Women in Business event on Thursday at the Cedar Court Hotel, Ainley Top.
Club secretary and co-founder Georgina Llewellyn called the opening a red letter day.
"I would have felt a bit greedy wishing for wins for both Australia and Scotland but it turned out to be a red letter day."
Just days after the release of his new album Red Letter Day, the 37-year-old is sitting pretty at number four in the Irish charts.
Free Legal Advice Centres released a statement calling it "a red letter day" for democracy and Dr Lydia Foy whose 18-year battle led to the passing of the act FLAC spokesman Michael Farrell said: "For her it is the end of a long drawn-out struggle for the right to be recognised in the gender in which she has lived for the last 25 years."
IT was a red letter day for EASYJET yesterday as they launched a Moscow route and reached Britain's list of top firms.
Alvechurch Has Got Talent takes place at the Red Lion with three categories, under 14s, 14-21s and over 21s with the most talented performers in with a chance of scooping a Center Parcs family break or Red Letter Day vouchers.
RED LETTER DAY BBC One Wales, 10.35pm When the old Cardiff docks area was regenerated, it was decided the development needed a landmark building for the performing arts, to include a home for Welsh National Opera.
IT was a red letter day for the Salvation Army when opening its new shop in Redcar.
Twenty third of April is our red letter day Englishmen everywhere won't have it any other way Much water has flowed beneath the bridge Many moons have risen over yonder ridge Years have past but our thoughts remain To the day that the dragon was finally slain This is for England was the battle cry Even today these words bring tears to my eye Saint George for England is our proud boast As we celebrate another passing year Englishman everywhere a Red rose they wear.
"This is a red letter day for punters - may they take us to the cleaners."
It was no red letter day for fly-tipping postman Andrew Moore yesterday after he illegally dumped rubbish in the North-East countryside.
I WASone of the lucky winners of your Red Letter Day competition.
It's a Red Letter Day for some of the most deprived and isolated communities in the region.