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a small but violent terrorist organization formed in Ecuador in the early 1990s

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I hear lapping water, level with me, and some creaking as of wood on wood." She paused, and the red sun shot up.
The afternoon shadows stretched eastward, and the round red sun stood thoughtfully on the horizon, and his beams shone yellow and calm into the little bed-room where George and his wife were sitting.
Though his face was towards me, I thought, for some time, the writing being between us, that he could not see me; but looking that way more attentively, it made me uncomfortable to observe that, every now and then, his sleepless eyes would come below the writing, like two red suns, and stealthily stare at me for I dare say a whole minute at a time, during which his pen went, or pretended to go, as cleverly as ever.
KEMPTON: 5.15 The Big House, 5.50 Wren, 6.20 Red Sun, 6.50 Gaslight, 7.20 Local History, 7.50 Let Rip, 8.20 Rail Dancer, 8.50 Double Legend.
Despite having Tourette's, Galliard is fully accepted by his peers, as he was born and raised in the religious hippie community called Red Sun. He is a musician, and his one and only goal in life is to be the resident artist for his community.
They will also attend the China International Auto Products Expo and meet manufacturing giant Red Sun Group, investors of CAD CAM Automotive.
minutes to hang with the guys after the set as they say goodbye to one of their own and welcome some friends from Ohio -- Red Sun Rising -- to the Bottom Lounge stage, along with Chicago alternative rockers Molehill.
The pair, from Scotswood, Newcastle, woke up on their special day to eerie mists, a strange orange glow in the sky and a red sun.
Helen Chivers, of the Met Office, said: "The red sun and golden sky are partly due to Storm Ophelia.
EX-HURRICANE Ophelia produced an eerie red sun over North Wales and left a burning smell in the air as it approached the region.
THE orange-tinted sky and red sun were a mystery to many weather watchers as Storm Ophelia hit this country.
A very warm October day grew oddly dark, with orange skies and - when it showed itself - a red sun.
The 'Red Sun' glue for bicycle tyre repair contains benzene, chloroform and dangerously high amounts of toluene and 1,2-dichloroethane.
Ejercito's tattoo featured a red sun with eight rays and the alibata character for 'K' at the center.