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any of numerous solitary bees that build nests of hardened mud and sand

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CJ Wildbird Foods have one specially designed for the Red Mason bee in mind.
Red Mason bee nest kits can be bought to place in your garden or you can cut lengths of old canes as we have done at Erddig,and put them in a corner of your garden for the bees to find.
Having a small box as a nesting place for the red mason bee provides an alternative.
red mason bee nests can be ordered from The Oxford Bee Company on 01509 261654 or at www.
THE BUZZ: Mike Townsend with neighbour Julia Reeve, aged five; TAKING THE STING OUT OF BEE-KEEPING: Susanne Reeve, aged nine, finds out more about the red mason bee , by regularly visiting her neighbour's garden.
He says although a box for red mason bees will not lead to a supply of honey, it will provide entertainment from watching them at work, and the satisfaction of giving nature a helping hand.
red mason bees may not operate in the same numbers as honey bees but they are more efficient.
Just by having a few of these solitary red mason bees you're doing a lot of good in the garden," says Mike.