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a radical political movement by Chinese youths who espoused Maoist principles

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Wu does this work well, with meticulous use of archives, the chaotic and voluminous Red Guard and other informal publications of the day (now made available in huge reprint and digital editions of hundreds of thousands of pages), new histories and reminiscences, and interviews in China.
After five years of John Toshack's youthful revolution, the new red guard are still barely out of nappies.
They were part of Red Guard campaign teams who went to the villages for a few months and then returned.
Segal beat Chilbury Hill for the novice handicap hurdle and Van Ness, trained by Tom George's wife Sophie and ridden by her brother, Tim Edwards, outpointed Red Guard in the hunter chase.
The images are set in the Red Guard cemetery in Chongqing and are a fictional reconstruction of history.
But she believed the Red Guard armies that beat intellectuals got it all wrong.
There was complete chaos throughout China, most colleges and universities were either closed or being used as propaganda centers by the Red Guard battalions, and there was very little contact with the outside world.
Zhou had been doing that since 1966, when Mao Zedong had launched the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution, and youths across the country had left school to form Red Guard units that set out to eradicate any vestiges of pre-Communist culture.
During the Cultural Revolution, the Red Guard used it as a staging area for denouncing university professors.
Legions of brainwashed youths joined the Red Guard, a group that persecuted anyone accused, or suspected, of having pro-capitalist or anti-Mao views.
Given therefore that the whole affair more closely resembles China's Cultural Revolution than the struggle against Adolf Hitler, perhaps Harry's critics should consider wearing their Red Guard uniforms out tonight.
A male Red Guard kicked my calf with his thick sole boot so hard that the skin stuck to my pant leg.
Fortunately, temple priests convinced the Red Guard not to burn the entire temple down.
Desailly surely has a stiff task from his new mark but one who catches the eye at a massive 25-1 with Stanley and Hills is RED GUARD, especially as first time out is the time to get him.