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a radical political movement by Chinese youths who espoused Maoist principles

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Violence, Periodization and Definition of the Cultural Revolution: A Case Study of Two Deaths by the Red Guards
Over time, Red Guard units began fighting each other, each claiming to represent Mao's true ideals.
For the new series, Rupert plays Phillipe Feron, the illegitimate brother to Louis XIII who is the Governor of Paris and head of the Red Guard, who have taken over control of the French capital while the Musketeers have spent the past four years fighting in the war against Spain.
While it put some of the blame on Mao, the aging revolutionary leader who Western historians say unleashed the teenage Red Guards to revive his own previously flagging power, the official verdict concluded that over the course of his life he had been more right than wrong.
Wu does this work well, with meticulous use of archives, the chaotic and voluminous Red Guard and other informal publications of the day (now made available in huge reprint and digital editions of hundreds of thousands of pages), new histories and reminiscences, and interviews in China.
We meet one Red Guard who, even as he expresses his current loyalty to the party, breaks down in tears.
It is perhaps symptomatic of their inattention to things Chinese that the authors should write about "the Red Guard, Mao's army in China" (p.
just announced the release of her new book “From Red Guard to CEO - My Chinese Dream.
Among those who attended the film's premiere were Andrew Yan, managing director of Softbank Asia Infrastructure Fund, and China's most successful venture capitalist; popular CCTV anchor Zhu Dan; the pic's director, Ning Hao; and investor Xue Manzi, a Red Guard at age 13 before escaping to the U.
The third and fourth chapters move out of the theatre and into Irish socialist politics, the Red Guard, the Irish Citizen's army and Shaw's lectures on "The Poor Law and Destitution in Ireland" in light of James Connolly response to the Catholic Church's anti-socialism.
China's representative to six-nation disarmament talks, meanwhile, is described by a South Korean diplomat as an "arrogant, Marx-spouting former Red Guard who 'knows nothing about North Korea, nothing about nonproliferation'".
After five years of John Toshack's youthful revolution, the new red guard are still barely out of nappies.
Segal beat Chilbury Hill for the novice handicap hurdle and Van Ness, trained by Tom George's wife Sophie and ridden by her brother, Tim Edwards, outpointed Red Guard in the hunter chase.
The images are set in the Red Guard cemetery in Chongqing and are a fictional reconstruction of history.