People's Republic of China

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a communist nation that covers a vast territory in eastern Asia

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And to be an educator is like being a nun or a priest: it's a calling." On top of his aunt's red Chinese cabinets Higgins placed three bookstands: "The one on the left is a Koran stand I bought in Istanbul, the middle one is a Chinese bookstand I got years later, and two years ago in Tokyo the black and gold one is where the priests put their prayers, the sutras.
With bright red Chinese lanterns displayed at the front of the store, the top-notch department store is ready to hand out red envelope discounts to Chinese tourists.
Widow Twankey's sensational outfits range from a PVC dress based on a bottle of Vanish (renamed Vampish) for the Slosh scene and a bright red Chinese lampshade tiered Chinese temple.
PS25, CUSHIONS Pip studio red Chinese blossom cushion, Amara,, PS22 CUSHIONS Pip studio red Chinese blossom cushion, Amara,, PS2
She said: "He speaks foreign, he's foreign, and on his show Masters Of Sex he speaks perfect American, and I'm like, 'If you can talk normal, why don't you do that all the time?'" Silverman resorted to comedy when asked more about her relationship with Sheen, quipping: "I thought I was dating the Tiger Blood guy" - a reference to actor Charlie Sheen who drinks a red Chinese fruit juice.
Don't miss the superb Higginson's Butchers' pies, Chilli Red Chinese take–away's spicy chicken satay or the aptly named Fish Over Chips.
how can we tell if we have become thinner or fatter?" she asked students, with a red Chinese flag visible behind her.
Geely's design team have looked toward luxury materials such as jade, fine red wood and ambient lighting to increase the sense of interior quality, with overly contrasting warm-white and traditional dark red Chinese elements to create a dignified atmosphere in both the front and rear of the concept model to give a clean and clear interior appearance.
"We faced in this race over $10 million dollars in nasty false attack ads trying to convince every Texan that I'm a red Chinese communist who wants to eat your children," Cruz said.
The Gotham adventures of three exchange students from mainland China are told from the vantage point of the neighbor who befriends them in "Watching TV With the Red Chinese." Shimon Dotan's 1980s-set pic scrupulously imports all the racial, political and sexual complications of the novel on which it's based, as well as its convenient 16mm film-within-a-film device.
These dragons represent the elements earth and fire and are surrounded by oversized silk red Chinese lanterns, a Chinese-style bridge and gold-leafed I-Ching coins, a traditional Chinese symbol for money.
The Coal Hole has a good reputation for food and there are set menus as well as daily chalkboard specials and hand-written notices on the bar informing customers of the specials such as yellow fin fillet or red Chinese curry.
Possibly a million Red Chinese could now be released from the mainland opposite Formosa and made available for future assignment in Manchuria."
When modern pirate Finn Morrison hooks up with the Red Chinese to hijack a cargo ship loaded with gold - and highly explosive ammonium nitrate - all hell breaks loose.
Were that to happen today, "the Red Chinese army in Mexico" would be a major subject of intense controversy on talk-radio, cable TV and the blogs.