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the act of processing used or abandoned materials for use in creating new products

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The performance reflected the positive impact of strong price increases for inbound waste, which were introduced in January to offset lower recyclate income and increasing costs, especially in the disposal of residues.
"Sending waste to landfill costs more than double the amount it does to recycle, and tackling the levels of contamination in bins is intended to reduce the recyclates sent to landfill.
Together with all other stakeholders, Siegwerk takes the discussion further and investigates the removal from inks and printed layers during the recycling process (de-inking) to improve the quality of the recyclates.
BCC: PS40 per household Q: What is the volume of recyclates collected in 2017/18 via the three-box system?
The stress versus strain curves obtained by the tensile tests of disassembled ABS without FRs and two commercial, postshredder-separated ABS recyclates are shown in Fig.
The Vacurema is able to handle a variety of input materials at Reciclar, including washed PET flakes, plus PET recyclates and ground production waste from thermoforming plants, for example.
* Low preference for recyclates while in manufacturing products
Vauxhall has been working with recyclable materials in its vehicles since 1990 and now thanks to its Design for Recycling strategy, more than 200 recyclates are used across the range, allowing it to use 45,000 tons of recycled materials in new vehicles every year.
He is interested in polymer dispersions, treatment of recyclates, durability of concrete, carbonation of concrete, brick masonry.
By collecting mixed recyclates together we will also be providing a user-friendly service, diverting business waste away from landfill."
The new facility handles up to 20,000 tonnes per year of recyclates including card, paper, wood and plastics will be handled at the MRF which has been sized to support the local market.
It will simultaneously help collection services increase recycling rates among Welsh SMEs and secure a consistent supply of materials; help the manufacturing sector to convert to, or increase its use of recyclates in production and packaging; and help the reprocessing infrastructure by ensuring quality recycled materials are available for manufacturers.
The premium material is manufactured from the highest quality post-consumer and post-industrial recyclates.
The cycle continues for around one hour until the waste is transformed into a sterile organic fibre, with recyclates such as metals, plastic and glass separated via a sorting system.
The professional representative body for plastics recyclers and suppliers of plastics recyclates in Europe seeking to promote plastics recycling and to create conditions that enable profitable and sustainable business for the plastics recycling industry.