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(mathematics) an expression such that each term is generated by repeating a particular mathematical operation

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It cures to the problems due to the recursivity, like the overflow of the stack as well as the capacity overshooting.
Carruthers, The Recursivity of Law: Global Norm Making and National Lawmaking in the Globalization of Corporate Insolvency Regimes, 112 AM.
These are: "restricted commoditization," "commensality," and "identity recursivity.
The problem--or, to be more fair, my problem--is how this project of linguistic remanding devolves quickly into plot summary and diacritical recursivity (as opposed to diacritical intervention).
Theorizing the recursivity of agency and structure, Giddens sees both as ongoing, active processes rather than as fixed entities.
As the disturbances are orthogonalized on the basis of the Cholesky decomposition, the ordering of the variables in the VAR determines the pattern of recursivity and thus may be of crucial importance for the identification of the disturbances.
Selkirk 1995 for the recursivity of the phonological word).
Contemporary research in the areas of historical, political, and cultural sociology has been developing this understanding of the recursivity of meaning and action in a growing body of scholarship (e.
To address the volume's dual audience, in their chapters each of them explains theories and related practices already quite familiar to writing center readers, such as the recursivity of the writing process (7-8), Bruffee's arguments for peer tutoring as a resource in the social construction of knowledge (13, 15), and the centrality of the focus on higher order thinking skills in writing center tutoring (31-32).
While the topic of textual self-reflexivity has enjoyed considerable attention among critics, the treatment of wonder and the sacred, along with the notion of recursivity, has too often been dismissed as ludism or mystical individualism based on mechanistic or binary models of selfhood and not on the models of organism, relation, and community.
The South, site of desire, guilt, privilege, domination, and defeat, is fertile ground for cultivating an aesthetic of memory; and, thereby, through intersubjective recursivity, it uncovers itself.
The framework provides necessary attention to person--environment dynamics related to religion, spirituality, politics, and culture and recognizes the roles of power, agency, and recursivity supporting these dynamics.
The cars are disconnected and the track shows recursivity at steps five and ten, major moments of revision.
In Chapter 4 on simultaneity, recursivity, and causal analysis the authors come close to the traditional econometrics, except for a section on the capital asset pricing model (CAPM).
After all, the same recursivity is present in the old Keynesian IS-LM model.