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(mathematics) an expression such that each term is generated by repeating a particular mathematical operation

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Recursivity in TLO theory may involve foiling, resistances, adaptations of a model norm and associated reform scripts, all of which contribute to the notion that, whenever there is settlement, it must be regarded an expression of a "negotiated" order (4).
Systematicity: presenting information through thick description and so that processes are replicable; adopting recursivity as part of systematic processes.
The fundamental fact that linguistic phrases are capable of infinite expansion demands that narrative fiction, because it exists as a work of verbal art, itself possesses recursivity.
Section 3 is devoted to the analysis of Old English recursivity, focusing on the lexical categories of noun and adjective.
Hence, the (im)possibility of a given speech act to contain another regulates the recursivity of ForceP, thereby preventing its over-generation.
Instead, the Congressional decision to approve the program demonstrates a necessary recursivity between the two parties, where the Reagan administration and Congress both acted as stakeholders, but Congress also arranged and invented a decision in its capacity as the agent of judgment.
There is recursivity but no circularity in this admission.
As Zunshine has demonstrated, literary works often involve special complexity because of recursivity.
119), as Skeggs and Wood (and in different terms, Banet-Weiser and Sender) also recognize, and the drive to generate economic value through data is now an increasingly important factor in enabling such currents of recursivity to flow.
2011), "An Uncouth Approach to Language Recursivity," Biolinguistics 5 (1/2): 133-150.
Language (natural and formal), vision, and music seem to share at best the following attributes: a hierarchical organization of constituents, recursivity, metaphor, the possibility of selfreference, ambiguity, and systematicity.
They are confounded not by the newness of the materials they are confronting, but by the ways that the recursivity of these works redraws their larger relationship to knowledge.
relations)--issues certainly of concern to Witt (2006)--and to explore the recursivity among these macro- and micro-level phenomena.
There is a potential recursivity problem here as long as recordation can be done in MERS's name.
This observation adds an element of recursivity to the picture, and the highly uncertain character of the resulting calculations is fairly clear.