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characterized by a straight line or lines

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At Fallingwater as at Taliesin West, Wright broke with the Classical tenets of balance and symmetry, geometry and rectilinearity.
Avoid the boring rectilinearity of the standard long, thin town garden by laying things out - paths, patios, paved areas and borders etc - at a skew of 45 degrees to the perpendicularScrap the lawn.
And, more interestingly in the international context, Knutsen is a pioneer in this revolt against rectilinearity.
Both harken back to much earlier bespoke binding styles, and both emphasize the rectilinearity of the book as a small-scale medium, without turning it into a canvas whereon to sketch out the themes of the book in question.
Second, usually directness was an explicit requirement in turnpike laws, and in fact many turnpikes made a fetish of rectilinearity (Taylor [1934, 285]; Durrenberger [1931, 85]).
The curved exterior gallery of the Gordon Bunshaft--designed Hirshhorn Museum--often an odd counterpoint to the austere rectilinearity of much of its collection--is made a virtue here, as Jones has converted its arced space into an acoustic chamber for music that seeps invitingly into the surrounding corridor.
The green and white sculpture is resolutely more graphic in its color combination and rectilinearity.
Still, a narrative emerged, however picaresque: Jarmolince III, 1973, one of a series of shaped collage reliefs inspired by Polish synagogues bombed in World War II, showed Stella's move away from the wall and into the third dimension, while the arabesque aluminum projections of The Dart (D-15) 1X, 1990, enameled in an assortment of black-and-white patterns, represented his departure from rectilinearity.