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characterized by a straight line or lines

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At Fallingwater as at Taliesin West, Wright broke with the Classical tenets of balance and symmetry, geometry and rectilinearity.
Several years back, a similar and equally beneficent transformation occurred a few blocks south at the Time Warner Building, whose concave facade now embraces the curve of Columbus Circle in a way that contrasts dramatically with the tasteless, stubborn rectilinearity of the unmourned-for Coliseum, which occupied the site before.
For example, in chapter three we are told that the trope of hyperbaton is present in the Candelaio as a means to underscore the process of rectilinearity by "inverting and diverting order.
In deciding where components should be placed within the total presentation, an attempt should be made to arrange the components so that they complement the rectilinearity of the other components and collectively create a larger rectangle.
La Esquina Caliente: breaks out of the picture frame's rectilinearity at the corner with a provocative shape.
Avoid the boring rectilinearity of the standard long, thin town garden by laying things out - paths, patios, paved areas and borders etc - at a skew of 45 degrees to the perpendicularScrap the lawn.
And, more interestingly in the international context, Knutsen is a pioneer in this revolt against rectilinearity.
The short wavelengths result in low diffraction and high rectilinearity, making it easier to shield for unwanted incoming waves in communications equipment, and enable mm-wave radar to resolve large Doppler shifts that can detect low speed objects.
Both harken back to much earlier bespoke binding styles, and both emphasize the rectilinearity of the book as a small-scale medium, without turning it into a canvas whereon to sketch out the themes of the book in question.
Stability and neutrality arise from its massive rectilinearity, preponderance of horizontal internal shapes, and its balancing of light and dark hues.
Second, usually directness was an explicit requirement in turnpike laws, and in fact many turnpikes made a fetish of rectilinearity (Taylor [1934, 285]; Durrenberger [1931, 85]).
Presaging both Gordon Bunshaft's Lever House and Mies and Philip Johnson's Seagram Building in New York, the Lake Shore Drive buildings are marked by their extraordinary interpolation of deadpan industrial muscle and an almost sacred conjuring of space and weightlessness; their calm Platonic rectilinearity and the precise oscillations of their windowed curtain walls constitute the stripped-down apotheosis of the all-glass tower the German architect had begun imaging for tall-building design some thirty years earlier.