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Synonyms for rectifiable

capable of being repaired or rectified


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n] is a connected rectifiable set of finite length, then the density of [gamma] at a point p [element of] [gamma] is equal to 1/2 m(p) a.
Xu, Continuation of analytic varieties across rectifiable sets, preprint.
Editors Hofmann, Mitrea, Mitrea, and Morris present readers with a collection of academic contributions to the establishment of square function estimates for integral operators on uniformly rectifiable sets by proving a local T(b) theorem and applying it so show that such estimates are under the obig pieceso functor.
DS] Guy David and Stephen Semmes, Analysis of and on uniformly rectifiable sets, Mathematical Surveys and Monographs 38, American Mathematical Society, Providence, RI, 1993.
Semmes, Singular Integrals and Rectifiable Sets in [R.