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Synonyms for prolapse

slip or fall out of place, as of body parts

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Rectal prolapse is most commonly seen in elderly women and occasionally in young women, but is rare in men.
Macroscopic findings included moderate intermuscular, fascicular, perineural edema, severe diffuse pulmonary edema, mild hydropericardium, and rectal prolapse resulting in marked submucosal edema and mucosal hyperamia, i.
Diamond-shaped' crypts and mucosal elastin: helpful diagnostic features in biopsies of rectal prolapse.
1) Gastrointestinal complications of constipation include stercoral ulceration, rectal prolapse, intestinal obstruction, megacolon, and fecal incontinence.
The dysfunctions are decreased rectal sensation, impaired anal sensation, rectal prolapse, and weakness of the pelvic muscles due to complicated birth delivery or prolonged labour.
Anal manometry is a useful tool for the evaluation of patients with abnormal anorectal physiology, including those presenting with constipation, fecal incontinence, proctalgia, or rectal prolapse, according to Dana R.
Like several of the other children, Maddy experienced such violent diarrhea that she had rectal prolapse, a condition in which intestinal tissue becomes expelled along with feces during the severe muscular spasms.
You can kill pinworm eggs with ammonia but infection with pinworms reduces the occurrence of adjuvant-induced arthritis in mice--but on the other hand mice infected with pinworms develop a lymphoproliferative disorder which eventually leads to lymphoma, and were in poor condition, with rough hair coats, reduced growth rate, and rectal prolapse.
For example, the doctor may recommend discontinuing medication or performing surgery to correct an anorectal problem such as rectal prolapse.
Cancer of colon or rectum, anorectal disease, rectal prolapse, chronic volvulus, hypomotility disorders, impaction.
Solesta should not be used in patients who have active inflammatory bowel disease, immunodeficiency disorders, previous radiation treatment to the pelvic area, significant rectal prolapse, active infections, bleeding, tumors or malformations in the anorectal area, rectal distended veins, an existing implant in the anorectal region, or allergy to hyaluronic acid-based products.
This has enabled minimally invasive resections for both rectal cancer and benign diseases, such as rectal prolapse or Crohn's disease, for example.
PHILADELPHIA -- Treatment of rectal prolapse by abdominal repair led to a significantly lower rate of recurrence compared with perineal repair, in a review of 78 patients at a single center.
Among the causes of constipation are paradoxical puborectalis contraction, rectocele, and pelvic floor failure, including rectal prolapse and rectoanal intussusception, but sometimes the cause can be as simple as a lack of fiber and water in the diet, she said.