Received Pronunciation

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the approved pronunciation of British English

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But most people in Britain don't use standard English or Received Pronunciation in their everyday speech.
The vowel sounds employed are based on Received Pronunciation, a standard form of a standard English (presumably, British English) accent.
It explains how estuary pronunciation has replaced received pronunciation ("RP") that prevailed until the 1980s.
They concluded that Received Pronunciation was becoming to be seen as "too posh" by Britons and therefore untrustworthy (Stockwell 2002: 29).
Many of these people are fluent in English, but still have a strong accent that impedes clear understanding, so Speak Easily has released the eBook as a practical way to learn how to speak with a Received Pronunciation (RP) accent, which is sometimes known as Standard English, or BBC English.
For similar sounds, the pronunciation is the same as in Received Pronunciation (RP) but for dissimilar sounds, near-equivalents from Urdu have been substituted.
Couper (2003) gave pre- and posttests to 15 learners who received pronunciation instruction (focusing on both segmental and suprasegmental features) for approximately two hours per week for 16 weeks as part of an ESL course.
English speakers are probably familiar with General American and Received Pronunciation for their native language, but they may be unaware of language reforms recently adopted by German speaking countries.
I was doing what they call Received Pronunciation which is the Queen's English, so I was talking proper for about three months," the Daily Express quoted her as saying.
I can see the point of "posh", but we do get rather too much of received pronunciation from people who tell us how to live our lives and a posh accent can be divisive, even in the school playground.
On TV and radio we're used to hearing newsreaders using Received Pronunciation (RP), which was formerly known as Queen's English, or sometimes BBC English.
However, Cumberbatch says it is harder for Brit thesps who naturally speak Received Pronunciation (RP), or "Queen's English," to win parts as lower-class characters.
I trained at RADA and found the process of learning Received Pronunciation, very difficult.
The paper concludes the description of Turkish- English phonology by reducing the number of phonemes by 8 from a studied total of 23 phonemes from Received Pronunciation.
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