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Synonyms for economics

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SFRE's vision is to support a banking paradigm focused on the real economy and meeting human needs of social empowerment, environmental regeneration and economic resiliency.
Governor Mark Carney said that banks could become socially useless unless they focus on the real economy and help businesses invest and create jobs.
For example, the resolution calls on the ECB to take measures like those designed by the Bank of England to ensure that cheap central bank loans to banks are passed on to the real economy.
If we follow simple rules, we do not need to mix our analysis of the real economy with stock pricing.
It turned out I was right on the real economy, but wrong on the stock markets.
We think local banks will further reduce some of their exposure to government bonds and increase lending to the real economy.
She said: "The key to this kind of economic assistance is getting money into the real economy at interest rates that businesses can afford, so they can invest in technology, equipment, research and people.
She sharply distinguishes the real economy versus the financial economy, which consists of claims on the actual money of the real economy.
The Monetary Policy Committee assessed that the global economy will grow at a modest pace and that there are considerable downside risks owing to the spillover effects of the eurozone crisis on the real economy and the possibility of the fiscal cliff materializing in the US.
That the stock market trends these days hardly mirror the happenings in the real economy ref lects the weak inter sectoral connectivity that plagues the world's economy.
Summary: DUBAI -- The Qatar Central Bank said on Tuesday it wants to keep interest rates low to support lending to the real economy, and also reported that local banks have low exposure to the debt crisis-stricken eurozone.
SBP Governor said the targets set by central banks have an effect on the real economy and implications for price stability.
The European Investment Bank signed two loans, on 9 December, in support of the real economy in Greece.
The Government's isolation abroad is matched only by the extent to which it is out of touch with the needs of the real economy at home.
Mr Ashbridge said: "The event was an opportunity to explain our current thinking and to engage with the real economy.