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Synonyms for economics

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a) Rise of production process yield--at all levels, starting from firm level, building up at (economic) branch level and, finally, 'converting' into economic growth at (national) real economy level;
Maxonrow is the first network in the world that will connect societies, governments and businesses with the real economy through blockchain technology.
"The second is the financialisation of the real economy with industry driven by short-term returns.
The main threat is seen as the potential for a bubble in the sector, and its disconnectedness with the real economy.
But if they felt like cryptocurrency-related froth was too much for them, and they decided to accelerate the pace of rate hikes to cool off speculative excess, then that monetary tightening would have a far greater negative impact on growth in the real economy than would a little targeted regulation.
"Value added tax revenue are considerably higher with the tax rate unchanged, social insurance contributions confirm a gradual but considerable recovery of the real economy but the most important improvement in the real economy have generated additional revenue which more than offset this year's tax breaks such as the extraordinary contribution of workers of e1/480m," he said.
Kamal Munir, associate professor of strategy and policy at Cambridge University's Judge Business School, writes that Islamic finance's emphasis on equity and investment in the real economy provides "a stable and productive banking sector".
In addition, with the aim of further incentivising bank lending to the real economy, banks can obtain very long-term loans in targeted longer-term refinancing operations.
Speaking at a symposium on the situation of financial institutions and enterprises, Li said banks and other financial institutions should enhance innovation and prevent risks to provide a sound financial environment for the real economy, according to a statement released on Sunday.
Hajj Hassan stressed that Lebanon was known for the skills of its people, whether on the local or international scenes, but it lacked "the determination and proper political management to generate a healthy economy." "Lebanon needs determination and a good political administration, which is almost blocked to produce economic, social and financial policies that combine to create a real economy," he said.
Nonetheless, Shang-Jin Wei, chief economist at the Manila-based Asian Development Bank (ADB), explains in a DW interview why he believes claims of a Chinese economic collapse are overrated and why the recent stock market plunge is likely to have limited impact on the real economy and private investment.
Financial Cycles and the Real Economy: Lessons for CESEE Countries
Senior economist Glenn Levine cited weakness in the real economy as the reason for his pessimism with the third- quarter GDP figures likely to show the economy growing at about 4.8 per cent.
In a keynote speech on the economy, Mr Miliband will say that the financial services industry has been "an incredibly poor servant of the real economy", and will blame lack of competition in the sector for mis-selling scandals and a PS56bn drop in lending to business since 2010.