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a digital camera designed to take digital photographs and transmit them over the internet

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Hopefully this will spawn more apps that tether the high-quality shooting experience of a real camera with the convenience and versatility of a smartphone.
The Practice Housing is the same length and weight as the camera, giving you the ability to practice shooting without putting footage on the real camera.
No doubt it will be taken down, but it probably only cost pounds 5 to put together and has certainly shown that a real camera would have an effect.
Furthermore, the kicking activity was significantly higher in the middle of conditioning for the foot that was fitted with the real camera than for the foot that was fitted with the fictitious one (p = .
95), On Junie's family's Hawaiian vacation she is given a real camera so she can keep a photo journal of her trip but some aspects of the trip just can't be captured on film as a series of hilarious disasters beset Junie and clan.
My first real camera, too, a Nikon F2, I've still got the lenses.
The pinhole model is only an approximation of the real camera projection, however, it is not valid for the requirement of high accuracy.
In other words, Ruscha's real camera trick was turning photography with a little p into art with a capital A.
He then said that "the idea of a real camera following me around disgusts me".
And although the fake is two- thirds the size of a real camera, hundreds of drivers have been caught out.
With a real camera, the shutter opens and closes quickly when there is lots of light, like outside in the sunshine.
7-meter telescope at McDonald Observatory in Texas to observe the rapid flashes of the Crab pulsar, but it's not yet a real camera.
Sergeant Bob Davey, of the force's Camera Enforcement Unit, said: 'Drivers never know where a real camera will pop up so the dummies form a proven deterrent.
Texture-based measurement of spatial frequency response using the dead leaves target: extensions, and application to real camera systems"
It does look like a real camera with a built-in handle, a very large 10-inch LCD screen (which I'll get to later), space for two CFast 2.