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the executive under President Reagan

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Based on a classified value for the bias, Reagan administration officials have repeatedly said that Soviet nuclear testing activities for a number of tests constitute a likely violation of the TTBT -- that about 10 explosions each have had yields probably exceeding 150 KT.
Instead, when Abrams is sentenced on November 15 for two misdemeanor counts of withholding information from Congress, he will most probably join former NSC Adviser Robert McFarlane as another Reagan administration official who pled guilty to deceiving Congress and received only a manageable fine, probation, and a sentence of community service.
But if the Reagan administration fell on its face, don't blame some liberal bogyman.
In an unrelated measure, the Reagan administration selectively removed a long-standing requirement that AID-supported groups offering family planning counseling or services in developing countries tell their clients about all methods of family planning and offer referrals to organizations offering any of those services they cannot provide.
It should lead to further questions about the Reagan administration and the Soviet Union and should generally advance the debates of who (or what) triggered the seismic shift in world order some 25 years ago.
He was a significant backstage player in the legal policy debates of the early Reagan Administration," The Washington Post reported in another piece.
In the article, William Norman Grigg wrote, "When LOST was completed in 1982, the Reagan administration, confronted with insurmountable opposition in the Senate, refused to sign the agreement.
The former Reagan Administration Chief of Staff, Treasury Secretary, and Secretary of State has become the Republican Party's crisis manager in residence.
They trace the origins of neoconservatism to the 1960s, its links to the Reagan administration, and the rise of a new, younger generation led by William Kristol and Robert Kagan.
The Reagan administration embarked on massive arms buildup to counter the Soviet Union.
And other nominations are hanging in the balance--for example, Carolyn Kuhl from California, who was in the Reagan administration as a right-wing jurist for the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals.
Stockman, a former partner at The Blackstone Group and a Reagan administration cabinet officer; Timothy D.
Former Reagan administration chief-of-staff Deaver will discuss the Congressional and White House political agendas, following the recent election.
It provided the staffers in the Reagan administration and influential people in a wide variety of other institutions and areas.
Martin's Press), which alleged the existence of a videotaped orgy involving Reagan administration officials--much like the video over which Kramer's crowd of nymphos, leather fetishists, and closet cases bed and betray one another.