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receptacle providing a place in a wiring system where current can be taken to run electrical devices

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5mm masonry drill bit and a Phillips screw head, screws, a Phillips screwdriver, a pencil (behind the ear is optional), a step-ladder, a spirit level and Rawlplugs (the red ones) if it's going to be attached to a brick wall.
Rawlplug set up its regional hub at Jebel Ali in 2006 to better serve its customers and reduce delivery time.
The Middle East arm of the UK-based Rawlplug has been operating in the Gulf for more than 30 years through a network of distributors.
When I heard about this idea my mind turned immediately to the cupboard under the sink and my toolbox and for a few short moments I pondered life in a DIY-free zone, the tantalising possibility of never again having to cram thin bits of cardboard into a hole in the wall because I've used the wrong-sized drill bit for the Rawlplug.
Chairman Sir Nigel Rudd spent the eighties building Derby-based Williams into a conglomerate spanning such diverse businesses as car dealer Pendragon, Rawlplug, Tamworth-based Swish curtains and Erdington-based Valor gas fires.
These nifty little gadgets consist of clear plastic tubing blocked at one end with a rawlplug, through which a small hole is bored to accept a split ring and a swivel.
Previously: Chief Executive of the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA); managing director, British Aluminium; deputy managing director, British Alcan; UK operations director, Williams Holdings (known for such brands as Swish, Rawlplug and Vi-Spring).
Newmond, the Tamworth-based maker of Rawlplug, has shelved plans for a flotation which would have valued the company at about pounds 500,000.
Q I tried to hang a curtain rail on a brick wall but the drill bit I used was too large and now my Rawlplug won't fit.
A No but a Rawlplug Hook Wallbolt will give very secure anchorage.
The Varilift spine-straightener is a tiny metal pellet that is screwed into place between squashed and damaged discs and expands like a Rawlplug to force them apart and allow patients more flexibility with less pain.
Tap your rawl plug into the hole you have already drilled until it is flush with the front of the timber batten, place a suitable size screw into the rawlplug - Gary used a 4 inch screw - and turn a few times.
A Hammer-in fixings are the best time-saving type, which eliminate the need to insert a rawlplug then the screw.
4 Remove the batten and, if it's a brick wall, drill a hole using a masonry drill bit for each Rawlplug or hammer fixing to be inserted into.
A HAVE you chosen the correct size of Rawlplug for the drill bit you used?