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The entrance to Jeddah's Maternity and Children's Hospital in the Aziziah neighbourhood has been blocked by raw sewage which has seeped into the street, marking a continuation of the wastewater problems besetting the city over the last two weeks.
Raw sewage had half-filled the metre-deep chamber that serves eight homes and threatened to flood back in to the houses or cause external overflow.
Using social networking site, Twitter EAW said: "Earlier we attended an incident in Hawarden, Flintshire - raw sewage had spilled into allotments and a small stream."
DEP Spokesman Ed Coletta said raw sewage did run into those bodies of water.
She was left with a house covered in raw sewage and had to promptly move tenant Ms Jones out for a month as she waited for Welsh Water to come and clean it.
A council spokesman said: "When all the students are in school it can cause raw sewage to back up and flow onto the main school site which makes the school unsafe for students."
Companies involved in sewage removal in Dubai have been warned of severe punitive action by Dubai Municipality, including a Dh100,000 fine, if caught illegally dumping raw sewage.
According to local reports, the municipality last month apprehended about 27 tankers for illegally dumping raw sewage and fined each of them AED50,000.
RAIN BRINGS MISERY: Fred Shanks and the drain, above and below, which brings raw sewage flooding into his drive
The company was also ordered to pay full costs of pounds 2,022.91 to the Environment Agency, which brought the case, after admitting polluting the Elemore Vale Burn at Easington Lane with raw sewage.
People in Stirling were "shocked and disgusted" to discover the filthy water which has flowed down a street for more than a week was raw sewage.
RESIDENTS on a multi-million pound housing estate are up in arms after builders left raw sewage festering outside their front doors.
ANGRY resident Neil Mason is fed up of filthy raw sewage spilling on to the street outside his Coventry home.
EXPERTS today slammed United Utilities for pumping raw sewage into the sea off Merseyside.
Combined sewer systems were--and still are--a great idea, with one catch: when too much stormwater is added to the flow of raw sewage, the result is frequently an overflow.