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an integer or a fraction


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These students will need re-teaching, that should include visual and verbal reasoning activities that build a conceptual understanding using the part-whole relationship of rational numbers (Lamon, 1999).
Although the repeated-addition interpretation of multiplication is ordinarily the first one that students encounter, by the time that operations on whole numbers are expanded to include rational numbers, the meaning of multiplication must also be expanded.
Students can also use the fraction, percent, and decimal capabilities to link multiple representations of rational numbers (see fig.
1] > 0 and a are rational numbers, and D [not equal to] 0,1 is a square-free integer.
Pre-service teachers should be provided with opportunities to make connections among the various types of rational numbers and with concepts of ratio and proportion.
The sides of this triangle however are rational numbers 12, 20 4/11 and 23 7/11.
2013; Wu, 2001) have documented that developing proficiency in understanding fractions is critical if strong conceptual understanding of further mathematical concepts such as rational numbers, proportional reasoning, and algebra is to be built.
Contributing to students' low performance was their weak understanding of and computation with rational numbers.
Those related to number systems are organized by their historical evolution and development in the elementary/middle school curriculum, fractions and integers are treated separately as an extension of whole numbers, and rational numbers are discussed as extensions of fractions and integers.
Dombrowski has revealed a possible connection of the sizes of planetary orbits to density of rational numbers on the number axis [1].
On the other hand, we prove in Proposition 7 that, surprisingly enough, rational numbers are not computable (except for a few explicitly exhibited ones).
Students navigate around obstacles to learn about math facts, algebra, number sense and rational numbers.
However, it took only a short time to decide to research rational numbers, specifically fractions.
The study measured teacher knowledge and student achievement with rational numbers tests developed specifically for this study.