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an estimate, based on previous dealings, of a person's or an organization's ability to fulfill their financial commitments

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In the months ahead, the Department will arrange and participate in many structured discussions about the ratings system to continue and focus the thoughtful exchange helping to identify, assess, and refine the best ways to improve access, affordability, and outcomes in higher education.
The first products required to adhere to the energy ratings system were residential air conditioning units, when compliance became mandatory earlier this year.
The PEGI ratings system law going into effect strictly enforces retailers in an effort to prevent the sale of violent or questionable games from falling into the hands of minors.
That's proof that no ratings system is going to change what we can show.
The MPAA says it's a ratings system for the public.
More than two thirds of parents (68%) believe the ESRB ratings system is effective in helping them determine whether a specific game is appropriate for their child.
While parents need to play a part in determining what kids watch, moms and dads find ratings systems difficult to use - 68 percent of the parents of 10- to 17-year-olds do not use the TV ratings system at all.
We stand ready to work with parents to provide them with information about the Entertainment Software Ratings system, which has been called the most comprehensive rating system for any entertainment medium in the country, in order to help parents make informed choices about the games their children play.
And, indeed, even the most virulent critics of the ratings system have never pointed an accusatory finger at them for bowing to pressure or playing it cute around the turns.
The ESRB video game ratings system does not provide the degree of specificity of violence for which AB1179 calls.
We don't want a government mandated ratings system.
We will continue to work with them to ensure that the ratings system is a meaningful way to help customers make educated video game purchases.
Engle said the FTC has ruled out imposing an age-sensitive ratings system, a practice used in most foreign countries.
The 2005 Trailer Life Campground RV Parks & Services Directory (TL Directory), the most widely recognized and used campground rating system in the country, features a new campground ratings system to address the changing needs of RVers.
We look forward to sitting down with the MPAA to help make the ratings system more meaningful to parents and consumers, as well as filmmakers.