rate of return

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the amount returned per unit of time expressed as a percentage of the cost

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u Rate of return on postretirement savings: As the risk- taking ability of a person reduces after retirement, the portfolio changes in favour of debt, influencing the rate of return, you have to assume a different rate of return for post retirement years.
t] is the stochastic rate of return on risky asset i and its expected rate of return is [R.
If $50 were received in year one as a return on $200 invested, the rate of return would be 25 percent, calculated as 50/200 = .
Italy, which has seen the rate of return it must offer investors to borrow funds on the rise since April, plans to return to the markets on Wednesday with issues of medium- and long-term debt.
We calculate the mean and variance of the rate of return and the mean and variance of the measure of volatility.
The analysis calculates marginal rate of return (MRR) which is
We currently assume a long-term regulatory rate of return for the MRSKs of 12%.
Paying the balance on a credit card with a 12% annual interest rate is the same as receiving an annual after-tax rate of return of 12% on a risk-free investment.
For example, a contract might provide that money invested in the annuity for a period of time will earn a guaranteed minimum rate of return.
Long-term investors can invest in the stock market with considerable confidence that they can earn a rate of return far above the 1% or 2% return afforded by the Social Security system.
In the special study, members calculated the internal rate of return for the Perry School program by estimating the time periods in which costs and benefits in constant dollars were paid or received by program participants and society.
The fund's 2003 rate of return was certified by Eisner LLC.
He notes that for those born in 1930, the real rate of return on CPP contributions is almost five times those that will accrue for individuals born in 1990 or 2000 while Canadians born in 1950 garner real rates of return double that of future generations.
The third decade, 1991-2001, provided the evidence that the value of any fiat-money currency to a large extent depends not on its trade balance but on its relative rate of return on capital and the capital account balance that this produces.