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deep-sea fish with a large head and body and long tapering tail

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Certainly, the banding periodicity along the fibers is similar both to each other and to rat tail tendon collagen [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 3 OMITTED].
We kept the fringe and a little rat tail at the back.
The Folding Diamond Rat Tail Tapered Diamond Sharpening Rod sharpens regular and serrated blades, fish hooks, gut hooks and many tools.
Needless to say, she stands out from the others in her black clothes, pointy hat, broomstick and strange lunch of tentacle sandwiches and frogspawn and rat tail yoghurt.
There was thick dust on a bench and clear rat tail marks on top of the dust.
A doctor tried to extort millions out of McDonald's - by planting a deep fried rat tail in his son's Happy Meal.
If there was a time when people bathed in chicken blood, slept on mats made from rose thorns and stinging nettles, flogged themselves on an hourly basis with rat tails and ate their own kneecaps, historian Ruth and archaeologists Peter Ginn and Tom Pinfold would be going for it with great gusto.
The boards early control programme, including a bounty on rat tails and the introduction of masked owls, was set up to protect the industry, and while ongoing baiting thins rat numbers in the palm nursery, only complete eradication will bring seed yields back to past levels.
Collecting shrapnel and rat tails, having killed the rodents that infested the River Cole, we took them to the local police station where the duty officer threatened to "kick our a***s" if we wasted further time by bringing along stuff that we were conned into bringing.
La Moss has apparently inspired a new hair care range, so we 'civilians', to borrow Liz Hurley's disdainful take on the ordinary folk God loved so much because He made so many of us, can now flaunt our own brassy rat tails.
In the case of the Saru find, the finder had made no attempt to tie the rat tails more tightly after they dried.
Earlier the pair happily joked and laughed as they ate fish eyes, vomit fruit, witchity grubs, rat tails, green ants, cockroaches, grasshoppers and worms.
While our population of rice rats lacks the laterally compressed tails present in muskrats, elongated rice rat tails are consistent with our observation of significant tail undulations.
Krysiak, the wet layer is critical because it is the weakest layer in the mold, and failure of the wet layer can produce expansion defects such as scabs, buckles and rat tails.