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a religious cult based on a belief that Ras Tafari (Haile Selassie) is the Messiah and that Africa (especially Ethiopia) is the Promised Land

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Rodney was an erudite Pan-African with ideological roots in Rastafarianism, African socialism, and Black Power ideologies.
The predominant palette of green, yellow and orange/reds draws on the flag of Bowling's native Guyana; they are the colours used on a number of postcolonial African flags and by Pan-Africanist movements such as Rastafarianism, rendering this colour scheme deeply symbolic.
The unique feature of Visions of Zion rests in the author's focus on the post-repatriation experience of Rastafarianism; whereas most literature on the movement provides solely the perspective of envisioning either a future return to Africa or the eschatological belief of liberation while in the West through either secessionism, or an egalitarian form of coexistence.
The youngest of seven children, he was raised in country poverty, running to school in bare feet, practising a sort of Christian religion that used marijuana in its ritual, like the Rastafarianism practised by his pal Bob Marley.
The vegan articles had titles like "Rastafarianism and the Vegans Syndrome" and "Vitamin B12 Deficiency in Vegans" and were mainly concerned with getting adequate amounts of nutrients on a vegan diet.
Finally, Hall recalls a conversation he had with a Rastafarian elder in Kingston, Jamaica, who gently resists Hall's (1995: 13) desire to 'nail him' by exposing what might be considered mythological elements of Rastafarian historiography--when Hall insists that Haile Selassie cannot be the Son of God, because he is dead, the reply--'When last you hear the truth about the Son of God from the mass media?'--forces Hall to recognise that the language and imagery of Rastafarianism was really not about rediscovering history but about reclaiming it: 'a whole people symbolically re-engaged with an experience which enabled them to find a language in which they could re-tell and appropriate their own histories'.
He hears terms like 'West Indian culture', Rastafarianism, assimilation, the breakdown of 'law and order', 'sus laws' and muggers.
Snoop Dogg changed his name to Snoop Lion, which reflects his newly-found understanding of Rastafarianism, its history, and his own effect on society through his past actions.
ESM: How do you position yourself with respect to Rastafarianism?
Most argue that Caribbean Black Power originated in a long tradition of struggle in the Caribbean for black liberation--from slave revolts and conspiracies, to Pan-Africanism, Marcus Garvey's UNIA, and Rastafarianism in Jamaica.
Taking their name from his, they began calling themselves Rastafarians and their new movement, Rastafarianism.
Indeed, the global popularity of reggae music and the identification of Jamaica with Rastafarianism in the popular consciousness have long tied the country's reputation to top-quality marijuana, a potential competitive advantage for marketers who could attract more tourism revenues in the country's service-dominated economy and achieve more success in the global export market.
Both the Black Power movement spreading across the Atlantic and Rastafarianism gripped minds.