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city in northwestern Iran near the Caspian Sea

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The main objective of the study was to identify factors influencing the use of bank facilities Bank Sepah (agricultural facilities) in the city of Rasht.
The governments of Pakistan and Iran have declared Multan and Rasht (province of Gilan) as sister cities.
The attack occurred on Sunday about 250km east of the capital Dushanbe, in the mountainous and inaccessible Rasht Valley near the border with Afghanistan.
The main objective of this study was to provide current data on the prevalence of overweight and obesity among school girls by location of residence, socioeconomic status, and maternal educational levels in Rasht.
The reformist Mowjcamp website said at least 23 people were arrested in Tehran and the northern city of Rasht during the protests.
The aim of this work is to estimate generated methane gases from Saravan landfill in Rasht city and then introducing two methods of methane burning and energy recovering with regard to decreasing its volume in the landfill and comparing these 2 methods considering the environmental and economical effects in Rasht and Saravan area.
In the city of Rasht, in the center of the province, waste sampling was carried out for 10 successive days in the middle of each of the four seasons in 1992-1993.
Soon after the border project is complete, Tehran and Baku will start work on its extension to the city of Rasht in northern Gilan Province.
The Islamic Republic of Iran's Navy safeguards the country's interests in the high seas and is ready to confront the enemies at any point," Admiral Sayyari said, addressing the Iranian cadets in the Northern city of Rasht on Wednesday.
According to Ali Noorzad, the loan will be granted by the International Bank of Azerbaijan for completion of a rail link to the Iranian northern cities of Rasht and Astara at an estimated cost of US$1.
A 24 year-old man in Qazvin city and a 15 year-old man in Iran's northern Rasht city were killed due to the explosion of hand-made explosives.
Local officials say an anonymous letter demanding female teachers quit their jobs or face death has been left at a school in the eastern Tajik district of Rasht, a former stronghold of the Islamic opposition in the Central Asian nation, reports RFE/RL.
Iran's exports to Russia in the field of agricultural products, including fruits and vegetables, has increased," Russia's Consul General in Rasht Maxim Baranov said in a meeting with Head of Gilan Chamber of Commerce Hadi Tizhoush on Sunday.
He indicated in a speech at the city of Rasht in north-west Iran, that there would be further rounds of negotiations.