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In addition raptor birds, (birds of prey) did not seem to be mentioned in the report he said.
In addition, the site of the wind park is just 5 km away from the protected area "Atanasovsko" lake, a proven, by 20 years of research, most important place for migration of storks, pelicans, and raptor birds in Bulgaria a 240A 000 storks and 60A 000 raptor birds a year are registered there.
He was so frustrated by the fashion of protecting predators like raptor birds and badgers that he was one of the prime movers in establishing Songbird Survival Trust in 2001, a charity that campaigns for a countryside that is managed in "balance".
Monitoring POPs in environmental sentinel biota (e.g., fish, shellfish, raptor birds) can alert us to new chemicals, hut dietary differences between biota and humans again limit the predictive value of these data for levels or time trends in humans.