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French painter noted for brightly colored scenes (1877-1953)


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Entre los artistas extranjeros destacan, a mi juicio, dos paisajes de verdes azulados de Maurice de Vlaminck y una mujer tendida de Raoul Dufy, asi como, sin duda alguna, un invariablemente hermoso Edouard Vuillard de 1923, Le Bridge.
He will compare various gardens to works by artists including Childe Hassam, Vincent Van Gogh, Henri Matisse, Claude Monet, Paul Cezanne, Raoul Dufy and Gustav Klimt.
Another French artist, Raoul Dufy, also utilised the pochoir process to produce his Flowers prints of 1951.
There are works of art by Miles Davies, chairs by Paul Goldman, and textile designs by Raoul Dufy which are estimated at a very reasonable pounds 400-pounds 600.
Today, Provence musters Monet, Renoir, Van Gogh, Degas, and Cezanne as its key figures, with Andre Derain, Raoul Dufy, and Georges Braque as their successors.
Mon Docteur le Vin by Gaston Derys and Raoul Dufy (Yale University Press, pounds 12.
2) Faithful to the principles governing this venerable genre, each text was accompanied by an illustration--a woodcut by Raoul Dufy.
Her most recent was on Wolverhampton's all-weather track in June when she romped home by two-and-a-half lengths from Raoul Dufy.
It is a safer bet that the trip will suit Raoul Dufy, who stayed on strongly over a mile at Newcastle last time, but first-time cheekpieces may well have contributed to that improved effort.
Let's consider a style made popular by Raoul Dufy, which separates an object's contour from its color: an imprecise black line barely indicating the object's boundary fails to align with a wash of color that either continues beyond the contour or lies far within it.
Marjorie Running Wharton examines the aesthetic and technical relationships between Poulenc and the artist Raoul Dufy, whose woodcuts illustrate the volume of poetry from which the composer drew the texts for his first songs.
En 1900 el talentoso alumno marcho a Paris, donde estudio detenidamente la obra de los impresionistas y conocio a los pintores Andre Derain, Henri Matisse y Raoul Dufy.
Painting: Interior with Open Window, 1928, Raoul Dufy, Galerie Daniel Malingue, Paris.
And the Vieux Port of Marseilles is a magic place in which to assist, especially at dusk--that blue hour--when the masts of the little boats, the flags, and the twinkling lights on the water suggest a painting by Raoul Dufy, while more than a few of the local inhabitants drinking at the cafes fringing the harbor remind you that this is Marcel Pagnol territory.