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chinensis genome compared to other Ranunculales species.
To compare the function of chloroplast proteins from Ranunculales species, we annotated these proteins from Supplementary Table S3 against COG [15] database with the method same as C.
Successive microsporogenesis in eudicots, with particular reference to Berberidaceae (Ranunculales).
Evolution of perianth and stamen characteristics with respect to floral symmetry in Ranunculales. Annals of Botany 100: 631-640.
(including Mahonia and Mahoberberis, Berberidaceae: Ranunculales) consists of approximately 400 species distributed in highland areas of the Americas and Tropical Africa, c.
pentapetala Fernald [199] RANUNCULALES Berberidaceae Berberis vulgaris [182] Mahonia japonica [215] Fumariaceae Corydalis cava [197] Hypecoum duriaei Pomel [56] H.
Surprisingly, molecular systematic studies placed Eupteleaceae in Ranunculales, at first in an unresolved position (Chase et al., 1993; Drinnan et al., 1994) but then in a grade between Papaveraceae (at the base) and all other Ranunculales (Hoot & Crane, 1995; Soltis et al., 2000).
Among the Ranunculales, aluminum hyperaccumulators are known only in Holboellia and Stauntonia of the Lardizabalaceae.
Petals have probably arisen several times in the Ranunculales from outer (nectar-producing) staminodes (see, e.g., Drinnan et al., 1994; Endress, 1995; Hiepko, 1965; Kosuge, 1994; Figs.