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Intraspecific polymorphism of rice frog, Fejervarya multistriata (Anura: Ranidae), in Lingnan, Huangshan, China.
Other anurans living today in California include the spadefoot toads (Spea, Scaphiopus; Scaphiopodidae), tailed frog (Ascaphus; Ascaphidae), true toads (Anaxyrus, Bufo, Incilius; Bufonidae), and true frogs (Lithobates, Rana; Ranidae) (Stebbins 2003; Green et al.
Species Locality Sex n Pelobatidae Pelobates fuscus Deliblatska pescara, Hrastovaca, RS M 16 F 12 M 7 Pelobates syriacus Deliblatska pescara, Burica, RS F 14 Hylidae Hyla arborea Vir Pazar, MN M 19 F 11 Bombinatoridae M 18 Bombina variegata Prohor pcinjski, RS F 12 Bufonidae Bufotes viridis Fruska Gora, RS M 10 F 8 Ranidae Pelophylax kl.
Given the diversity of frog species (i.e., families Ranidae, Pipidae, and Phrynobatrachidae) that can be infected with D.
Hydrin 1 (vasotocinyl-Gly-Lys-Arg) and hydrin 1' (vasotocinyl-Gly-Lys) are synthesized in Xenopus laevis Daudin, 1802, whereas hydrin 2 (vasotocinyl-Gly) is produced in Ranidae and Bufonidae (Rouille et al., 1989; Iwamuro et al., 1993) (Fig.
One of the most susceptible groups of amphibians to these viruses are the ranid frogs (Family Ranidae).
Cranial Ontogeny in Philautus silus (Anura: Ranidae: Rhacophorinae) Reveals Few Similarities With Other Direct-Developing Anurans.
1 1 Dendrobatidae Colostethus pratti 24 Dendrobates truncatus 1 Hylidae Hypsiboas boans 1 Hypsiboas rosenbergi Scinax boulengeri 1 Scinax ruber 3 1 Smilisca sordida 11 Smilisca phaeota 1 3 Leptodactylidae Engystomops pustulosus 74 19 Leptodactylus insularum 10 Leptodactylus pentadactylus 7 Ranidae Lithobates vaillanti Total de registros 116 158 Riqueza de especies 10 10 Riqueza de especies 2 1 exclusives Familia Especie TEN Total Bufonidae Rhaebo haematiticus 15 15 Rhaebo hypomelas 1 1 Rhinella alata 36 84 Rhinella marina 9 Centrolenidae Espadarana callistomma 1 1 Cochranella euknemos 3 5 Craugastoridae Crauga storraniformis 96 153 Pristimantis sp.
It is also found in anurans of the families Leptodactylidae in Chile and Peru (Olmos and Munoz, 2006; Iannacone, 2003), Bufonidae in Peru (Tantalean and Garcia, 1989), Hylidae in Ecuador (Dyer and Altig, 1977), and Ranidae in Costa Rica (Bursey and Goldberg, 2006) and Papua New Guinea (Bursey et al., 2008).
Diet of the invasive frog Lithobates catesbeianus (Shaw, 1802) (Anura: Ranidae) in vicosa, Minas Gerais State, Brazil.
Similar nonlinearities have also been described in other vertebrates including humans [49] and the frog Amolops tormotus (Ranidae) that produces highly variable and complex calls which include ultrasound [50].