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the capital and largest city of Myanmar

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The emperor was subjected to torture through plundering his fort, killing princess and leaving him unattended in the Rangoon which shows the cruelty of the British, he said.
He also visited Rangoon General Hospital, which the UK has helped rebuild.
Binotti took a Thai Airways flight out of Rangoon on Saturday night.
Bahadur Shah Zafar died on 7th November 1862 and was buried in Rangoon.
A PICTURE leaked from the set of Vishal Bhardwaj's upcoming film Rangoon has revealed Kangana Ranaut's action avatar in the film.
Judging by the rangoon, we expected excellence when we ordered the Seafood Special ($14.
Rangoon, May 01, 2013(VOA News )Burmese officials say one person was killed and another 10 injured during the latest anti-Muslim riots that continue to edge closer to the country's largest city, Rangoon.
Naypyidaw, April 2 (BNA) - A fire at a Muslim school in the Burmese city of Rangoon has killed 13 children, officials say.
Fearing communist revolutions and chaos in Burma and India as they prepared for independence, the allies wanted a supply of aircraft ready to fly out of Rangoon at short notice, he suggested.
but I do expect all aircraft to be in very good condition," Mr Cundall told reporters in Burma's main city, Rangoon.
With the general peasantry feeling victimized by the Chettiars, with nationalist sentiments running high amongst students of the newly created Rangoon University and with the Buddhist monks agitating the population against the non-Buddhists who had settled in Burma - permanently or temporarily - it was a question of time when the mass anger would be directed against not only the Chettiars but also against anyone who looked different than a Burman.
Tens of thousands of people lined the streets of the capital, Rangoon, as Mr Obama packed in diplomacy and soaked in his steamy surroundings.
She was under house arrest in the capital Rangoon for 15 years but released in 2010 as Burma took steps towards democracy.
Tourism figures show that visitors are flocking to Rangoon and Mandalay and other places to enjoy the pristine natural surroundings that have not yet been destroyed by concrete encroachments.
JUNE 25, 1963 Mr Tommy Thong, a director of Rangoon YMCA and a vice-president of the National Council of YMCAs in Burma was in Huddersfield visiting the town's four YMCA clubs.