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the capital and largest city of Myanmar

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(150) Seven years later, excerpts from the book were reprinted in the Burmese press and subsequently held responsible in official reports for triggering the bloody anti-Indian riots that rocked Rangoon in 1938.
Swiss survivor Leandre Guillod, 28, said from hospital in Rangoon: "Suddenly we just hit the ground and then it was all red and orange.
In contemporary history of Burma, Rangoon University is famous for integral to civil disobedience throughout its olden times.
Obama will also give a speech at Rangoon University, at the heart of pro-democracy protests in 1988 that were violently suppressed by the regime, and is expected to announce an aid pledge worth 170 million dollars.
Summary: Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi has met her son Kim Aris in Rangoon after 11 years apart.
Meanwhile, PNSC Spokesman said the ship MV Islamabad was carrying 13547 tonnes of steel and excavator to Rangoon (Burma) from Korea.
While the regime has been granting an increasing number of visas for foreign aid workers to enter the country, all but a handful have been confined to Rangoon, the country's largest city.
The UN's World Food Programme said it has begun distributing aid in damaged areas of Rangoon, the former capital and largest city, where 800 tons of food had arrived.
One of the more popular appetizers taste-tested by the students was a recipe for crab rangoon submitted by Linda Phan.
Save the Children is set to hand out two metric tonnes of food and other supplies to those affected in Rangoon.
The diplomats said the foreign minister acknowledged 59 deaths in the country's largest city of Rangoon.
According to Save the Children, 50,000 people are stranded in three townships in Rangoon alone.
Troops wielding guns, clubs and tear gas have cleared the streets of Rangoon and other cities of the courageous Buddhist monks and ordinary citizens who had taken them over for the past several weeks, chanting a simple, modest demand: ''dialogue.''
Around 1,000 demonstrated in the capital Rangoon and 20,000 marched in the second city Mandalay.
DAVID Miliband has called on Burma's military junta to allow peaceful protests on the streets of Rangoon.