Rameses II

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king of Egypt between 1304 and 1237 BC who built many monuments

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In particular, the fecund Rameses II adorned walls with seemingly endless processions of his sons and daughters, who numbered together around a hundred.
The great obelisk of Rameses II is the other obelisk that Augustus brought to Rome in 10 BC, also to celebrate his conquest of Egypt, with inscriptions identical with those of the Gnomon obelisk.
More than 30 centuries after Rameses II, Percy Bysshe Shelley wrote a sonnet that told of meeting a traveler "from an antique land" who had seen crumbling stonework, and he ended:
He linked it to dynastic events in the era of Rameses II.
4) Taking, for example, the medical examination by French scientists of the mummified body of Rameses II, and their conclusion that the pharaoh died of "tuberculosis," Latour ponders the anachronism involved in asserting that Rameses died of a disease whose etiology was first described in 1819 and whose agent was isolated only in 1882.
He wanted to arrange access to the lower gallery floor down ramps, that would have gradually introduced visitors to underground mysteries, which were to be dominated by the statue of Rameses II lit from above by a skylight.
REKIC: A wooden plaque (above) carved with a cartouche containing the name of Rameses II, one of Egypt's greatest pharoahs (1290-1223BC).
Writer, explorer, diplomat and Egyptologist, Salt is probably most famous for his vast collections of Egyptian artefacts, notably the head of Rameses II, which he presented to the British Museum, and the sarcophagus box of Rameses III which was bought by the Louvre in Paris.
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A mask often covered the wrapped mummy, such as this one, possibly a noblewoman at the court of King Rameses II.
After causing havoc in Mycenaean Greece, they reached the Nile Delta and attacked Egypt, first in the days of Rameses II (1278 BCE) and then during the reign of Pharaoh Merneptah, who slaughtered thousands of them in a sixhour battle (c.
Starting with the confusion following the Amarna Period, this dynasty included the famous and extremely long-lived Rameses II.
1300 BC, Rameses II, having completed what his father Seti I began, placed it in Heliopolis, or 'the City of the Sun'.
I got the same feeling, years later, when I stood in front of the temple of Rameses II at Abu Simbel in Upper Egypt.