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any of 12 kings of ancient Egypt between 1315 and 1090 BC

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Perhaps because Rameses is so prominent, the casting of Edgerton reads as nothing short of offensive.
The spinning Rameses Revenge was introduced in 1995.
Subsequently, they played a varied role in Egyptian history--defeated by Rameses II in a sea battle off the Mediterranean coast, recruited for service in his personal guard, joining a "Sea Peoples" coalition against Merneptah, assisting the Egyptian garrison at Beth Shean in Canaan and fighting alongside the Peleset (Philistines) in the days of Rameses III.
Seeing the magical moment when the sun lights up the statues of Rameses II, Amun-Ra and Ra-Horakhty draws large groups of tourists to the temple twice per year.
Answering the call of Rameses II, she must investigate a series of mysterious accidents afflicting the site where an obelisk in honor of the god Amon-Re is being built.
hieroglyphic inscription of a signature made on the instruction of Rameses III, who ruled ancient Egypt between 1187 BC and
William James Muller's The entrance to the small temple at Medinet Habu, Luxor, Egypt depicts the entrance to a small Roman temple that is situated next to the great Mortuary Temple of Rameses III at Medinet Habu on the West Bank at Luxor (estimate: $9,100-12,000),.
Rides include the Vampire, Tomb Blaster, Dragon's Fury, Rameses Revenge and the legendary Bubbleworks.
Rome, July 16 (ANI): The remains of a 3,000 year old temple dating from the reign of ancient Egyptian pharaoh Rameses II have been unearthed in the excavations in Upper Egypt's Ehnasia archaeological area.
The life of Egypt's longest-reigning pharaoh, Rameses II.
If one or other of these girls had survived and they were Tutankhamun's children, then the 19th dynasty (founded by Rameses I) would probably not have come about," he reveals.
Coming in second was Al Mansoori team, comprising of Hareb Sultan, captain Mubarak Al Mansouri, Hashim Al Hashimi,Yousuf Al Junaibi, Faisal Ayman, Rameses Guerrero and lady bowler Rosalie Melo.
ANSWERS: 1 Joseph Lister; 2 Tarzan; 3 The Wirral; 4 The Hale-Bopp comet; 5 To Have And Have Not; 6 Michael Schumacher; 7 Rameses II; 8 Rule Britannia; 9 Germany, Italy, Japan; 10 Milan.
This type of slab was quite widespread during the era of the Pharaohs, who used it to mark a special occasion," department head Mahmud Hammud said, adding text on the stone dated back to the reign of Pharaoh Rameses II, between 1,290 and 1,224 years BC.
DeMille and her close-up in "Sunset Boulevard," the acclaimed producer/director was making the biblical spectacle "The Ten Commandments," with Charlton Heston as Moses, Yul Brenner as Rameses and a host of other Hollywood stars in sandals.