Raja erinacea

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most plentiful skate in North American inshore waters in summer


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Estimation and analysis of biological parameters in elasmobranch fishes and the population dynamics of the little skate Raja erinacea, winter skate R.
Studies in the all-rod retina of the skate (Raja erinacea) support the notion of a role for endogenous zinc as a neuromodulator in the outer retina of vertebrates.
montagui (Ryland and Ajayi, 1984); Raja erinacea (Natanson, 1993); Bathyraja sp.
Finally, isolated retinal neurons from skate (Raja erinacea or R.
Most experiments were done using adult specimens of Raja erinacea supplied by the Marine Resources Department of the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole.
An ampullary organ consisting of a 3-cm length of canal with ampulla, innervated by a 5-mm length of afferent nerve, was excised from live, anesthetized skates (Raja erinacea and Raja ocellata).
Specimens of little skate, Raja erinacea (n = 18), and winter skate, Raja ocellata (n = 2), were collected by otter trawl in the vicinity of Woods Hole and the Elizabeth Islands, Massachusetts.
The temporal structure and power spectra of the EODs of male and female Raja erinacea and Raja ocellata recorded in this study were very similar, which would seem to preclude gender or species identification by EOD identification.