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(Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man

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And with a baby raising Cain like that by the court reporter is not the way to do it.
Among the themes he finds are like father like son, rejected offering and dejected person, crime and punishment, far as the curse is found, raising Cain, the blood of righteous Abel, and the way of Cain.
CLOSE ENCOUNTER J An expert gets hands-on experience of dealing with jellyfish VICTIM J Spinster Mary Breheny MUSIC MAN Jools Holland J A furious Val takes aim at Cain Dingle RAISING CAIN
Brian Hughes and the Lonesharks, Settlers Creek, Raising Cain and Buchanan are usually headliners in their own right.
Raising Cain (and prostrating him) has been a major divertimento, or recycling-plant, for millennia and all over the place.
A Cinema Libre Studios production in association with Raising Cain Productions.
I have some direct experience, with two sons and a husband, but I did a lot of reading--psychology books on male adolescence, like Dan Kindlon's Raising Cain and William Pollack's Real Boys.