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a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwater

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Water meters are already a feature in many UK homes while in Australia, Sydney Water is offering a rebate of up to pounds 333 to customers installing a rainwater tank
This is the prime time to install a rainwater tank before the long Australian summer hits.
White said that the standard suburban system rainwater tank with pump had an energy intensity of 1.
youngsters from Landywood primary with the rainwater tank.
Save money and provide up to half your total water consumption by installing a simple rainwater tank.
Overlooking the Milford Haven waterway, the three-storey octagonal tower is cut off from the mainland twice a day by the tide and has no services - apart from a 4,500gallon rainwater tank.
For the study, researchers predicted the mosquitoes range based on two types of breeding containers - a 3600-litre rainwater tank and a 20-litre bucket - in the shade and in the sun.
5 billion urban water plan that includes rebates on domestic rainwater tank or greywater system installations.
A rainwater tank for a community in Tanzania costs $4,000 through PWS&D.
Were looking for local contractors to get involved in the construction of a new single storey police station in Gordonvale, which will include meeting and interview rooms, exhibit stores, a major incident room, and an underground rainwater tank.
The rainwater tank is manufactured in prefabricated construction.
Principal masses: 72 500 m 3 Dissolve and recycle soils of different homogeneous areas; 119,000 m 3 supply and process different flooring materials; 1 000 m of the drainage pipe; 2 000 m of new drainage pipeline; 5 000 m of different wells and ditches; Obstruction and extensive water retention during the entire construction period; 120 000 m 2 of asphalt layers; 37 000 m 3 FSS production; 40 000 m 2 Collect and dispose of HGT; 41 000 m 2 of ATS production; 40 000 m 2 of ABI; 40 000 m 2 Manufacture of SMA; Refurbishment of a rainwater tank under operation; Installation of 2 drainage areas (rain polder); 280 m concrete wall; Traffic safety large-scale.