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a barrel used as a cistern to hold rainwater

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The catchment area of surface runoff calculation is the whole area of the real estate without the roof surface since the rain falls on to it is captured and stored in the rainwater tank in each house.
The case-patient we describe lived adjacent to a eucalypt forest environment and drank and showered with water from a rainwater tank system that might have contained mosquito larvae or had inflow from water-filled roof gutters containing mosquito larvae.
Sharma et al., Rainwater Harvesting Systems for Urban Developments, in Rainwater Tank Systems for Urban water Supply 1, 11 (Akhok K.
A mandatory rainwater tank plumbing policy on houses in new developments is enforced in South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland and having a rainwater tank on large extensions has become mandatory.
Rahman, "Rainwater tanks in multi-unit buildings: a case study for three Australian cities," Resources, Conservation and Recycling, vol.
The system has only gutter, collecting pipe and rainwater tank with handed-valve to distribute water.
I was not allowed to wash in the house, I had to use the rainwater tank in the farmyard, also to bathe in the freezing pot house.
Buy a rainwater tank that can provide water for your toilets, washing machine and garden, and can halve the amount of mains water you currently use.
In Australia, Sydney Water is currently a rebate of up to pounds 333 to customers installing a rainwater tank in their homes.
Throw in too a rainwater tank to supply the washing machine and toilets and a reed-bed sewage system for organic waste disposal.
There's also a "dunny" (outhouse) and a new rainwater tank to collect runoff from the hop pickers' hut.
Rebates of up to $500 are available to households for either the purchase and installation of a new rainwater tank connected for internal re-use of the water for toilet and/or laundry, or the purchase and installation of a permanent greywater treatment system.
This is the prime time to install a rainwater tank before the long Australian summer hits.
White said that the standard suburban system rainwater tank with pump had an energy intensity of 1.5 kilowatt-hours per kilolitre.