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Synonyms for rain

Synonyms for rain

to give in great abundance

Synonyms for rain

drops of fresh water that fall as precipitation from clouds


anything happening rapidly or in quick successive

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They have set up Raining Cats and Dogs to help generate funds to cover endless vets bills and kennel fees.
Hey, before you get the wrong idea, understand that it was raining cats and dogs outside and skating simply wasn't an option.
The show is dominated by a metal sculpture by Graham Jenkinson, which is titled Raining Cats and Dogs. Jenkinson, a regular exhibitor, makes his sculptures using scrap metal and this time he has fashioned some into a brolly with a metal cat and dog on top.
Anecdotally, Storin believes the event is raining cats and dogs for Merial, like a welcome shower on a sun-parched lawn.
It was raining cats and dogs for months and turned lots of tournaments into a sloggers' paradise which did not suit my precision game.