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a promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future

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a ticket stub entitling the holder to admission to a future event if the scheduled event was cancelled due to rain

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• "Rainchecks" with rain start times can be customized and sent to loved ones via email, Facebook, Twitter, and text message.
I'm taking a 'raincheck' on a trip on this trains track.
Bad weather forced a raincheck on Friday's celebrations.
We're asked to take a reality raincheck as he forces them to go on a robbery spree to make up the gap.
When PH took the silence as a rejection, WJ counter offered in T7 by asking for a raincheck. Example 3: A Chinese mother is waking up her 8 year old son from bed.
His girlfriend had a huge diamond ring, but I just thought, 'You're sleeping with him because of that ring - you really need a raincheck'.'
But we decided to take a raincheck on these, and take a "romantic stroll" around Huddersfield's continental market in brilliant sunshine in the town centre, with children and visitor!
Conversely, for all Sorrentino's disdain for "ideas" in art, particularly the kind the novel lambastes as "proffer[ring] the most marvelous radical sentiments in utterly degraded and reactionary poetic structures" when expressed in works with titles like "Raincheck for Fidel and Che" (145), the book is replete with diatribes against the United States the equal of any disaffected lefty's--diatribes that cannot simply be dismissed as belonging to the narrator since they duplicate so clearly remarks made by Sorrentino in essays and interviews.
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: New Raincheck technology of waterproof tag and label products for direct thermal applications, including the SL-532 synthetic labelface and the 8Mil synthetic tag.
I was supposed to be going out to lunch with a client and he said to me ``I'll have to take a raincheck on it'', I said ``Why, is the weather bad?
Closer to home, try to buy any food item on coupon in Walgreens' Sunday circular on Monday with out getting the raincheck hassle.
We cashed in Danny's raincheck and popped back aboard the railroad for a return to the main gate and the Monorail.
The wet weather cost the organisers pounds 315,000 as all 6,373 spectators who turned out at Queen's Club were entitled to their money back under the "Raincheck" policy.
On the same program was Sophie Maslow's Americana Raincheck. In it Ethel Winter proved again that she is an endearing and versatile dancer, and Beatrice Seckler made one wish she could be seen more often....