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a promise that an unaccepted offer will be renewed in the future

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a ticket stub entitling the holder to admission to a future event if the scheduled event was cancelled due to rain

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Those were real problems, but it was almost as if [it was saying] we'll have to take a raincheck on customers.
Take a raincheck on the Saturday morning cartoons and opt for some Saturday morning fun with David Prather's Pillow Theatre.
But we decided to take a raincheck on these, and take a "romantic stroll" around Huddersfield's continental market in brilliant sunshine in the town centre, with children and visitor
PRODUCTS/SERVICES: New Raincheck technology of waterproof tag and label products for direct thermal applications, including the SL-532 synthetic labelface and the 8Mil synthetic tag.
I was supposed to be going out to lunch with a client and he said to me ``I'll have to take a raincheck on it'', I said ``Why, is the weather bad?
Closer to home, try to buy any food item on coupon in Walgreens' Sunday circular on Monday with out getting the raincheck hassle.
We cashed in Danny's raincheck and popped back aboard the railroad for a return to the main gate and the Monorail.
By understanding customer perceptions and responses to rainchecks, retail managers can anticipate the consequences of their policies and procedures more accurately, therefore making more effective raincheck decisions.
Twice winner of the Champion Hurdle and rated one of the best hurdlers ever, the plain brown son of Raincheck and Pongo's Fancy was a great public favourite owing to his brilliance and race tactics that accentuated the drama of his habitual, irrepressible late surge to the line.
Taking a raincheck from his Cardiff Bay TV studio, Owen says: "We did this concert in west Wales and south Wales and they could have sold them three times over.
When the charter bus pulls up in front of the Skirball Center next week, Charlie will ask only one thing of his seniors taking a raincheck on old age.
And secondly, he should take a quick raincheck on how Gerard Houllier and Phil Thompson respond to public moaning.
But she had to take a raincheck at the last minute - rescheduling their dinner date for the eve of his birthday.